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Calm Starts Here: Spring Time-Management Tips
April 26, 2011

Welcome to spring!

We’re highlighting three spring time-management tips that can help you get organized and ready to tame the crazy schedule lurking over the next few months.

Spring is a Great Time to Organize Your Closet.
During this season when you are changing from winter wools to summer carefree dressing, use this occasion to organize the clothes in your closet. This is a great time to take an inventory. Sort into three piles: keep, donate, and discard. Notice the changes in your lifestyle that may make certain wardrobe fashions less relevant to your current activities and needs. You might try this website, HomyFads Wardrobe Manager to give yourself a shiny new organizing tool. This download is a free, simple and easy-to-use virtual wardrobe organizer software. It lets you categorize, view, tag and search for your apparel and accessories.
• Create unlimited number of virtual wardrobes
• Group wardrobe items into different collections
• Drag and drop photos to create items in a collection
• Add any number of tags to wardrobe items
• Find items as you type into the search box

Get Organized for Spring and Summer.
Try our recommended day planner system, called momAgenda Day Planner Products & Home Organizers. Visit this website and take a look at all of the stylish and functional day planners and other organizing products for moms. The unique day planners feature space for mom and up to four children, allowing moms to manage multiple schedules with ease! The New 2011-2012 Planners are now available. Not only can you get organized with your “to do” list you can also create journals that allow you to keep track of your spring dieting and exercise programs. These are great products that help you lower the stress as you stay productive, organized and motivated.

Stress Management Tip # 3.
Make your vacation plans early so that you can budget your finances and arrange family schedules. Select venues early so that you have choices and do not have to settle for squeezing into a time-slot because others have already booked their use of the facility.

Thanks for reading this newsletter. We will be dropping you a line about once a month. Each month will feature a stress management tip to help you find your sense of calm. For further information about stress management or if you have suggestions or concerns, drop me a comment either on my Fan Page,, or on the web, Stress-Management-4-Women.

Enjoy and stay calm,

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