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Are you ready to fall into a new season?
October 03, 2014

Are you ready to fall
into a new season?

Autumn is an exciting time of year. A time to fall into a new season. It signifies the end of some activities and the start of new scheduled activities. Summer has quickly evaporated. The bathing suits and flip flops are stored away. Kids are starting their new school year. Businesses are trying to meet their year-end forecasts. As moms and working women, we find ourselves suddenly back in our juggling act. Our “To Do” list is getting longer. The juggling act searching for work/home balance begins with a new fall flavor.

Autumn is a transitional season. The air changes, the light changes and we feel the crispness in the air. Rather than stress over the looming craziness that often accompanies the upcoming holiday events, let’s take some time to enjoy the present. Let’s take advantage of the fall season as we prepare for the busier times.

1. Get Moving

We know that exercise lowers stress levels. This is a great time to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful foliage. Take your camera along and take some pictures of the trees changing colors, a beautiful landscape and other interesting activities you find along the way.

Lets not forget that Autumn also brings Halloween, with its bright orange and colourful characters. Why not this fall be creative with Candy Corn. Instead of just eating them, use them to create a masterpiece. Follow this link for full details and graphics. Candy Corn Fun

2. Enjoy a change in menu!

We know to eat healthy. So take advantage of the flavors of autumn and prepare meals utilizing the fall foods and spices. Enjoy pumpkins, apples, cranberries, cinnamon and nutmeg. Candied apples, caramel spice cake, pumpkin spiced coffee. Enjoying the fall blend of flavors is a refreshing way to transition from summer fresh foods to winter comfort casseroles.
Of course you could always surprise the family, this Halloween, and serve some tasty but absolutely disgusting looking food. Recipes can be found at Halloween 2014
It also comes with over 260 Pages, full of fun Halloween ideas. From what's popular this year, and how to get that look. To games, crafts and lots of weird and wonderful fun.

3. Bring the warmth inside.

As the weather shifts from warm to cold, cozy up with a great book and hot tea. This is also a great time to get inside projects completed and begin to plan for the upcoming holiday events you will be enjoying. Visit this holiday planner website and start tidying up the house, getting those lists made and keep everything organized all in one organized notebook. You can print the format and download the checklist pages for your own unique style of planning.

Enjoy this season. Live in the present. And please, share your inspiring moments with us! We would love to hear from you.

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Enjoy and stay calm,

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