Stress Management for Women 

Women are stressed. This is not news.  And stress management for women is a growing topic.  What are some great suggestions that seem different from what you have heard before?  Here are three strategies to provide women with a handle on managing stress

looking in the mirror, Stress Management

Look in the mirror

Get to know your true personality and inner self.  It is vital to know who you are, your abilities, your values, your interests, and your deepest life passion.  Incorporating your personality into a passion driven purpose is great stress management for women.  Take time to self assess.  This is a start in controlling your stress.

The deepest question to answer is, "What is my inner burning desire or passion?"  Remarkably, you will find that if you follow your passion, you probably already have a value system, along with a talent and interest level that can help you stay focused.

Be realistic about how much you can achieve and at what level. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, pushing ourselves to accomplish the impossible.  That is why we are always talking about women and the stress they experience. Women can be our own harshest critics which increases our self doubt.   You would be surprised how I discovered this wisdom from playing tennis.

juggling woman

Learn to juggle.

Become aware of the many responsibilities demanding your time.  Women are known for  multi-tasking, but it is still difficult for women to balance work, family and personal needs.  Review The Wheel of Life Assessment and complete the exercise.  See where, within this pie-shaped configuration, you are out of balance.  Being out of balance handling many demands with a limited time brings stress for women.  As a member of the liberated gender group, you want to do a variety of activities and society expects you to do it all.  Be careful to use your stress management skills wisely so that your stressors motivate you to use your time productively.  Stress relief is always a goal for busy women.

By becoming aware of your list of demands you can begin to sort and choose which responsibilities you can personally handle, which tasks you should delegate and which tasks to eliminate. This is part of your personally tailored stress management plan.  You will find a better use of time is possible once the priorities are clearly established.


archery target

Shoot for the target.

Setting realistic and attainable goals is probably the best stress management for women.  With clearly defined goals you begin to have a sense of priority and direction.  When you are having trouble aligning yourself with the world around you, check your sense of direction.  Complete the goal setting strategy and take time to clearly design SMART Goals that make sense for you to embrace at this juncture in your life.

When you feel comfortable and confident about what goals you want to address and why you want to attain them, then other aspects and other responsibilities start to fall into place.  You begin to feel a sense of direction from the priorities that you have set.  Start to follow the path you find most important in order to set goals for life fulfillment.

Put one foot in front of the other as you move along your life path toward your goals.  Each step is one step closer to fulfilling your life dreams.

Try our custom designed stress management strategy format you can follow and modify to reflect your specific needs and personality traits.  There is no one way to manage stress and each individual has to discover the strategies that work best for her.

Follow your own instincts and you will see that you are not only learning how to manage stress (like I learned from playing golf) or how to handle stress (like I learned from my manicurist).  Through your own experiences you can learn how to prevent a lot of the stress in your life.

Stress management for women doesn't need to become an uphill battle but can be a strategy that can be implemented, modified and shared with others along the way.

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