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Here is my plan for creating worthwhile new year resolutions.
December 11, 2012

Are You Feeling Like I am Feeling?

Another year is coming to an end and I did it again! I took on more responsibilities and accepted more volunteer projects than I have time to complete. It seems that every year-end, I review my scheduled list of commitments and pare them down to a manageable level. But then friends call, organizations ask me to join, volunteer projects need an extra set of hands, and before I realize it, I am back where I started, saying “Yes” too many times. Which leads me back to being over-committed and feeling my stress levels rise. The result is that my family and work (yes, earning a living is still a major priority) receive less attention than I know they should. Time for another new year resolution.

Well, this year is going to be different when I pare down my list of commitments, and here’s why. I have spent the last month crafting my own personal business/life plan. It’s high time that I put things into a tangible perspective. My professional work includes teaching business owners and employees how to run a better business (visit ) and stress management coaching (probably how you found me). But I also have a family with adult children to visit and Great Danes to train. Plus my husband and I like to travel. So where does that leave me at the end of this year? Overwhelmed at times.

Here is my new year resolution plan.

• Revisit the Wheel of Life and review my commitments in each category.
• Affirm what chapter of my life I am currently living and define the major focus of that chapter.
• Verify that the use of my time, as charted on the Wheel of Life, corresponds with my current life focus.
• Return to the Wheel of life categories and purge those commitments that no longer are relevant to my current living situation. I will delegate or eliminate commitments that no longer contribute to my current life focus.
• Create my own personal up-to-date mission statement that provides clarity and a sense of purpose about what values I hold and how I want to live.
• Establish three SMART goals SMART Goals to accomplish in 2013 that will continue to uphold my mission statement.
• When people ask for my assistance next year, I will carefully consider whether the commitment will contribute to my 2013 set of goal priorities or whether it is better to suggest another person lend a helping hand.

Speaking of Lending a Helping Hand.

I spent my childhood growing up on the New Jersey Shore. The same shore that was recently demolished by Super Storm Sandy. Many of the landmarks that I remember were destroyed. Many of my friends have lost thousands of dollars worth of personal possessions, property and business capital. The residents in the affected area ran out of food, water and gasoline, to name some of the essential ingredients needed to survive.

But the residents survived, and the Jersey shore will be rebuilt. Even as we prepare to enjoy the holiday season, some Jersey residents are still scrambling to clean up the aftermath, and many have traveled to the decimated areas to offer much needed help. This is an example of how people help others in times of need. As you prepare for the holidays, consider how you can find a way that you can help those less fortunate. Helping others is such a rewarding feeling—not to mention that it lowers stress levels.

Enjoy this holiday season, and thank you for being a member of our stress-less, calming community. I look forward to continued conversations with you in 2013.

Thanks for reading this newsletter.
I will be back in touch next year. For further information about stress management, join the dialogue on my Facebook Fan Page.

Enjoy and stay calm,

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