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Got plans for a sensational summer?
March 27, 2013

Time to spring forward and start planning for a sensational summer!

With the spring season upon us, it is not to early to start planning for the upcoming summer schedule of events. But what can you do to make this year a season to remember and a season with less stress. Maybe you will be traveling on vacation, or having friends and relatives visit. Maybe you will have a house full of kids. Regardless, the best way to get a head start on creating a sensational summer is by planning ahead. And that means starting now.

Creating a Plan for a Sensational Summer Starts Now

During the next two months, April and May, start planning for the activities occurring in June, July or August. Take out your calendar and mark down when friends and family members will be visiting. Mark the calendar for any vacation excursions. Add any dates for summer camps, summer classes or parties. Any scheduled activities that you are aware of should be included on the calendar. Now take a long look. What patterns start to emerge?

Are there certain times that are beginning to be overbooked? Make your changes now, before people are committed to this schedule. Or maybe you notice times when you need to find child care activities so that the kids are not left unattended. Schedule children activities now before participation limits are filled.

If you start to plan early you can:

• Build your to-do list and begin to make progress preparing for cleaning the house and de-cluttering closets.

• Take an inventory of what you will need to purchase to spruce up the home.

• Make plans for how to entertain family members when they visit.

• Check the pantry food supplies and start creating menus for entertaining.

If you start planning ahead, the summer months don’t have to be a hassle with last minute decisions about what kinds of activities to pursue. I think about the summer month planning now, because in the past I have been caught flat-footed with kids suddenly home on summer vacation before I had even given much it much thought. Even if plans change, it is better to have some idea of what is going to be happening. Have some fun planning for the summer and make it sensational.

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