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Time for a Summer Refresh
June 26, 2012

Time for a Summer Refresh

We’ve reached the lazy, hazy days of summer. This is a wonderful season if you don’t let the days become over-scheduled and too complicated. That might be difficult if you are a full-time caregiver, watching kids 24/7 or caring for elderly parents.

I am sending this brief newsletter to your inbox as a reminder to watch for spikes in stress during this season. It’s time to leave the housework and the deskwork and spend some quality moments outside. Everyone is owed a summer refresh and less stress.

Try these tips:

Read a book. Did you know that just 6 minutes per day is enough to reduce stress levels by two-thirds as you slow your heart rate and ease muscle tension? There is a lot to be said for enjoying a good book.

Snack on nuts. A handful of walnuts can lower blood pressure. What an easy, healthy way to reduce stress!

Smell the lavender. Add some lavender aromatherapy in your surroundings. Lavender enhances your mood and is know to reduce stress. It seems that the taking in the aroma boosts your levels of dopamine and serotonin.

Release the stress. Exercise releases stress by increasing endorphins and reducing cortisol. Not only do you have less stress, you have an improved mood. How about a nice walk to enjoy Nature?

Slow down. During this summer season, watch over-scheduling so that you have idle time to soak up the feeling of the soft air, and listen to soothing sounds of nature.

If you have not read my latest website posting, I wrote an article about effective stress management strategies I learned from playing tennis. After reviewing my exercise needs, I found that returning to the tennis courts was a healthy and enjoyable thing to do. I’ll let you know if I still feel this way when autumn arrives.

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Signing off for now! Enjoy the summer. Don't overschedule! And leave yourself some time to refresh.

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Thanks for reading this newsletter. I will be dropping you a line about once a month. Among other information, I include some stress management advice to help you find your sense of calm. For further information about stress management or if you have suggestions or concerns, drop me a comment either on my Fan Page,, or on the web, Stress-Management-4-Women.

Enjoy and stay calm,

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