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to Stress Management

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Approaches to stress management vary, depending on the person and the circumstance.  However, relying on your tried and true go-to methods of handling stress can sometimes fail.  If you are still finding yourself frustrated and tense, anxious and irritable, overwhelmed and exhausted, it is time to take a new look at how you can better handle your stress.  Here are three articles to help you manage stress and give you renewed hope in lowering the stress in your life.

Change Your Attitude

Success in life is 90% based on your attitude.  The perspective you hold about any given situation is an indicator of what the results will be.  Life is 10% based on what happens and 90% based on how you react to it.  We realize that we can not change the past or the way in which others react to situations.  But we can change the way we react.

Our most influential perspective comes from our inner voice.  Our thoughts that run through our minds.  Often this voice is very critical and negative.  It can wear us down over time and provide a large dose of stress.  When you realize that you are in control of your thoughts, you can begin to change the negative perspective into a more nurturing, positive attitude.  It is your conversation to control.

We also can change the attitude we have towards others.  Treating others as we wish to be treated is a powerful way to maintain fruitful relationships.  Fresh approaches to stress management begin with a more positive attitude about ourselves and about others.

Reframe Your Thinking

By reframing your thinking, you change the meaning of the situation by changing the way you view the outcome.  Instead of perceiving an event as a negative and stressful problem, you may perceive it as a challenge to overcome.  Reframing is one of the approaches to stress management that allows you to alter how your body physically responds because your perception of the situation is less threatening.

In order to reframe your thinking, start by noticing when your mind laps into negative and criticizing thought patterns.  As you identify these thoughts, ask yourself if these perceptions are accurate or whether you are exaggerating.  Are these perceptions even valid?  In difficult situations, try to reframe your thoughts into less negative descriptions and stay as neutral as possible.

Value Your Time

Do you appreciate how you are spending your time?  You are trading each hour of time here on earth for whatever you are doing.  Time wasted is just that.  Wasted—with no chance of recovering that precious time.  Putting time in perspective allows you to fret over trivial stuff less and choose to spend your time learning, growing and becoming more fulfilled.  Choose to participate in doing the things that matter most to you and that you love, whenever you can.  Your time is a valuable commodity that you should cherish!  Stress management is all about making life more of an enjoyable journey.

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