Moms and Stress 

Moms and Stress

Talk to any group of moms and stress is usually a topic that begins to surface as a negative side effect of the motherhood occupation.  Things are a lot different than the idyllic picture painted by Jesse Wilcox Smith in the 1920's.  The artist has created an image of just blissful  motherhood!  Today, things are different. Currently mums are experiencing a rise in stress levels. All stages in motherhood bring with them  different combinations for stresses and tentions.  

Moms and stress--it's a rising concern for women.  You are busy and you also feel guilty trying to be "Super-Mom."  You need some helpful stress relief techniques that work!  Here are three specific strategies to keep in mind as you balance your personal life, a career and motherhood.

You may feel pressure to attend every single activity in which your children participate.  But, there is no harm limiting the number of activities your children choose.  It is easier on you and your children.  If you are working and can not attend an event, explain the situation to your child.  Missing an activity does not mean you are neglecting your kids.

Try These Stress Reducing Strategies

1.  Stop Feeling Guilty.

So your house looks "lived in" and you eat left-overs again and your kids were screaming in the grocery store aisles.  This is temporary.  The kids grow up before you know it.  The "mom and stress" syndrome will subside.  Finding effect stress management strategies will always be an ongoing learning process for moms.  But you are in charge of the family schedule, family household and family decisions.  The main goal is that the home be a safe and secure haven for your kids.

2.  Keep the Passion.

When you first become a mother, your world changes and that little bundle of joy often becomes the center of your universe.  Your needs, interests and passions may be put on hold.  Yet, it's still important to utilize your talents.  A happy and self-confident mother has a better chance to be calm and nurturing to her children.  Developing a healthy parent-child relationship takes patience and will be always evolving as the child grows. 

Over the years, the "moms and stress" syndrome may become more challenging.  There are times when you may have to address your child's anxiety or handle children with stress.   You may find yourself dealing with a negative child.  Motherhood and parenting is a lifelong commitment.  Consider it a learning adventure, no matter how wild the ride may be!

3. Don't Reinvent the Wheel.

Learn from others.  If there is a problem out there, remember that there is always someone who has already solved it.  Find that person.  Ask for advice. Other moms have juggled home and work.   Other moms have handled kids in sports.  They've experienced school bullying and advise about it's impact.  I have written an article which provides advice I have learned from my parents

There are many moms who are included in this website who stand ready to help you with whatever avenue you wish to pursue. Look around the website for some great inspirations

On these web pages we like to post books that we can recommend for women and parents. This book is titled, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries, The author, Michelle Borba, covers everything you can think of that deals with raising children in this current social environment. In a very conversational tone you find answers to the many questions that arise as you are raising kids.

The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries

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