Life Stressors
that Affect Women

Do you experience multiple life stressors in your many roles as wife, mother, care-taking daughter, friend and career professional?   All of these demands add stress.  How do you handle your stress overload?  Have you learned adequate coping strategies? 

At this site we discuss types of stress along with management strategies.  Also, we help you learn what causes stress and how to notice warning signs.  Too much stress can cause serious health issues.  Leading a happy, healthy fulfilling life is a goal you can achieve.


Common Life Stressors

Stress And Time Commitments.

1.  Too Little Time

It is no fun feeling as though you are rushing to complete your daily tasks against a ticking clock.   If people continually ask you to help  organizing projects or events, learn to say "no," or "not this time." Review your schedule and learn to take control of which responsibilities you are willing to assume.  Lack of time management strategies is one of the major contributors to increased stress levels in women.

Learn How Stress Management Can Help

2.  Emotional Overload.

Seasonal changes, job changes, family life changes--these can all disrupt your life balance and cause anxieties or a type of depressionDepression in women is a frequent emotional consequence from continually experiencing stressful situations.  Women can experience an increase in anxiety that is triggered by major events such as conflicts in relationships or on going financial challengesCaregiving is a major drain on women who provide compassion and support but often do not receive much needed support to rejuvenate their depleted emotional reserve.

Stress Overload Need Help?

3.  Running on Empty.

With a busy schedule and a long list of demands, it may seem easier to ignore the warning signs of increasing stress levels.  Yet, a depleted reserve of physical energy and emotional fortitude will take its toll in the long run.  Stress symptoms will continue to increase if you don't listen to your body.   If you feel that the stress levels are becoming overwhelming or if you are experiencing stress-related illnesses, it is time to stop and re-assess. 

Stress will never be eliminated from our lives, but the life stressors that women face can be managed.  Learning how to eliminate, reduce and manage our stressors is possible. 

Great Dane, Gracie, always knew how to relax.  Taking time to rejuvenate after a challenging day is an important way to handle stress.  She offers the following advice:  

Relaxing is like playing an instrument.  To become proficient, we must practice, practice, practice.

Relaxing Great Dane, named Gracie

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