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Tisha Marie Pelletier

Discussing Life Changes
Tisha Marie Pelletier

Founder of the Mom-e and Author of When the Universe Throws A Curve Ball

SM4W: Hi Tisha Marie Pelletier.  Thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview.  In your career experience you have worked in marketing and now you are a successful mom entrepreneur, assisting other mom entrepreneurs, and a successful author.  How did you discover your inner passion and when did it become the cornerstone for your career path?

TMP: I first discovered I loved event planning and wanted to do much more of it after volunteering for and overseeing (while pregnant) the American Marketing Association's holiday party and 50th Anniversary Spectrum Awards Ceremony.  The awards ceremony took about 200+ hours of my time, but I enjoyed managing all of the details and seeing it come together on the day of this event.  It's quite the accomplishment to see all of your hard work come to fruition! 

Shortly after, I knew event planning was a definite passion of mine, and I launched my second business, Details Event Management.  After I had my son and was interviewed by the local paper for a feature story on mom entrepreneurs, I wanted to create my own event to recognize mom entrepreneurs like me.  This led to marrying my two passions together and the creation of the Mom Entrepreneur Celebration, featuring the Mom Entrepreneur of the Year award

In 2010, I launched The Mom-e, a very active, networking organization for mom entrepreneurs in Arizona.  I plan on expanding it nationally within the next five years.

SM4W: You have experienced some major changes in your life that caused you to make choices, significantly altering your career path.  Were these "choice decisions" reactions to the life changes that occurred or were you proactive and creating the life changes?

TMP:  I believe things happen for a reason.  If you would have told me six years ago that I would be the founder of a mom entrepreneurs' organization and the host and creator of an event, I probably would have smiled and laughed.  Ever since becoming an entrepreneur, I thought I would do marketing consulting until I retired.  Now, I'm planning on phasing out my marketing business, something I never would have expected to do.  I will still do some marketing, but only for things I really enjoy.

I feel like my life, or the universe as my book's title suggests, has told me what direction I need to head in, and I've answered the call.  These changes in my life weren't expected, but I've openly accepted them and moved forward in that direction.  And to think, this all started with a blog post!  It's ironic how life works out.

SM4W:  In what way did these changes affect your core values?

TMP:  I don't think these changes have affected my core values much.  Even before I became an entrepreneur, my philosophy has always been to build relationships with others first, and to listen.  So far, these core values of mine hold true.  I've developed so many wonderful relationships with others by sticking to my beliefs.  More and more opportunities keep presenting themselves to me which enable me to help others in the process, too.

SM4W:  What were some of the negative situations you encountered for which you were unprepared?  How did you adjust to those negatives?  What positives, if any, came from these experiences?

TMP:  Being naive and too trusting of others, the downward spiral of the economy, financial struggles – these are just a few of the negative situations I've dealt with in my past for which I was nowhere near prepared.  Out of all of these negatives though came the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and a chance to do better next time.

I've learned from the sudden economic downturn that in a split second, all of the clients I'd worked so hard for and the monthly payments I depended on, can vanish.  This happened to me, and I had to figure out how to keep my family's finances afloat.  It has forced me to never depend on just one source of income or limit myself, but to utilize every skill I have.  As I said, you never know what passion you'll find in you.

SM4W:  In your current career status, what motivates and inspires you and how will this be reflected in your future career decisions?

TMP:  Meeting other women who are reaching for their dreams and succeeding, but who have also experienced struggles along the way is what motivates me.  Being around women at all stages of their dream drives me to continue on with mine and keep an open mind for what’s to come.  It's why I love planning my event.  There are so many powerful, successful women showcasing their all who are proud of what they've accomplished.  These are the real women to whom I look up.

When the Universe Throws a Curve Ball

SM4W:  Why did you write this book?

TMP:  Because my horoscope told me to do so. First, I wrote the book for my son, Caleb, because I wanted him to know my story.  It didn't matter to me if anyone read or liked the book, only that he had a concrete unique remembrance of me.  I wanted him to know that I've encountered struggles and situations like everyone else, but that I had faith to never give up on what I wanted in my life--to never miss a moment of his life.  This is something I want to instill in him at an early age--that his destiny is his choice.

Secondly, I wrote the book because I know countless other women who share my same story.  They've been burned by past employers.  They've celebrated and cheered over getting a new client.  They've cried happy tears after hearing the news they were pregnant.  In fact, so many women have written to me about how much they can relate to the book.  I wanted to let these women know that they're never alone.  We're all in this together, experiencing life one day at a time.

To learn more about Tisha, visit or the Mom-e

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