Coaches Offer Suggestions for Stress Relief

by Various Authors
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I have asked women to share tips on how they relieve stress when it starts to accumulate. Here are some responses:

"Definitely music and housework! For some reason, when I am stressed, I can whip through my housework in
a pretty good pace. The music I listen to while I am completing my housework is usually upbeat, and once I’ve gotten rid of some of my frustration through physical exercise, my mind seems much calmer."
--Tammy at

"I use video games to escape to another world and focus on something other than my stress issues. Also meditation and exercise are good for stress relief. I find that when I do some kind of physical workout in the morning, I am better prepared for the day. Another great tip is to create a "Gratitude List" that you post where you can see it everyday. Read it aloud or to yourself and tell the universe what things you are grateful for in your life. And remember, there is always someone worse off than you."
--Denise at

"I remove the clutter in my home office. When my desk overflows with piles, it impacts my ability to remain
focused. I get stressed because I feel stuck. Solution? I dedicate time to file and recycle, and, lastly, wipe the glass top clean. The surge of creativity is amazing. Also, taking time to breathe deeply helps clear away the fog. I'm writing a book on stress
tips, called Consciously Calm, because stressful reactions are a choice. I choose calm as often as possible."
--Patricia at

"A key to stress relief is to get rid of the excess stress energy! I have a couple of ways of de-stressing depending on the "immediacy." If I'm about to bubble over inside--if it's
just one of those days when everything just seems to go wrong and the world is screaming at you--or you want
to scream at the world(!), I turn on the car radio very loud (or the stereo, again, very loud) with some rockin' crazy music and I sing as loud as I can and dance/jump around like crazy. That releases me! LIVE music has the same effect for me.

But, if I'm feeling dragged down by accummulated stress, then I find a day of exploring in nature really
rejuvenates me. Stress goes away when I'm outside for a while, not doing anything "planned," just wandering and exploring, maybe a little desert junking (looking for treasures out in the desert)! That does it for me everytime. One other thing I do is to escape by creating my art, or re-organized or de-clutter my art space, that relieves stress and inspires me further :)

As already mentioned, calming music meditation works for me when I'm "spiritually" stressed or for light daily stresses. I wish I could meditate those serious stresses away, however, I just don't seem to be programmed for it (I know, more practice)--what I need in those moments is to move, or else I get very ancy; so that is where the crazy music dancing/singing and nature wandering come in for me."
--Michelle at the

"Breathe, slowly and deeply. I actually post signs around my house to remind myself to do this. My clients do the same. Breathe in through your nose and feel your tummy rise. Then you know you are getting the air all the way to your diaphram. Then breathe out through your mouth and your stomach should go down. Repeat three times and it produces amazing stress relief. Do not be fooled by the simplicity--it works."
--Diana at

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