Forgiveness During the Holidays

Forgiveness can be difficult. Especially at this time of year. But by finding a way to mend fences can help you enjoy your upcoming holiday season. We know how busy life can become at this time of year. And there usually are a lot of family traditions intertwined with the festivities. You are supposed to be happy. But you’re not. You’re hurt, angry or downright depressed. So how are you supposed to celebrate?

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Maybe you have been hurt in a relationship, or feel angered from someone’s unfeeling gesture. Left unaddressed, these feelings fester, and grow, allowing others to make you feel stressed and unhappy. If someone is causing you bitterness or hurt feelings, are you going to allow them to interfere with your ability to enjoy this season of celebration? Maybe things can be eased by finding a way to move on.

Forgiving can help you as much as it helps the other person. Studies show that it’s actually good for your health. By finding a way to forgive, you actually allow your body to calm itself, lowering the heart rates and blood pressure along the way. It shifts your mental focus from negative to positive thoughts and attitudes. In other words you are released you from the bonds of raw emotional feelings that keep you stuck feeling stressed and bitter. This can be very rewarding during this season of celebration.

But, it can be a hard thing to do. It may be challenging to completely let go of a painful memory and forgive the individual, who may or may not realize what they did. You may believe that the individual, who hurt you, did so intentionally and without remorse. Since the incident, you have wanted to lash out and reciprocate. But by harbouring your hostility, you actually are empowering this individual to keep you stressed and risking damage to your physical health. If for no other reason, forgiving someone brings with it a peace of mind, less stress and a release from emotional captivity.

Forgiving mends relationships and helps you promote a more positive attitude. It gives you authority over your heart, instead of letting your offenders rob you of joy. Chronic hostility and anger and are among the most toxic forms of stress and not good emotional baggage to bring to a holiday celebration.

At the end of the day, consider this question. Is it worth it? Is it worth risking your health and wellbeing? Is it worth destroying a perfectly good season to celebrate? Remind yourself of how much the word "sorry" would mean to you if it was your turn for a mistake! If you can’t forgive, can you expect to be forgiven?

This is a season of celebration and a time of renewed beginnings. It’s a time to set your eyes on the future instead of focusing on what’s past. During the holiday season spend time creating new positive memories to wipe away the past negative ones. It's good for your health, your wellbeing and the future you are creating. You're worth it.

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