Enjoy Holiday Gift Giving
Without the Stress

holiday gifts under the tree

Holiday gift giving can be a joyful experience, but for some, it can become a nightmare and stress-induced activity.  Here are some strategies to keep the stress away, the budget in check and the results gratifying!

Shop and ship early.

When planning your holiday purchases, plan to make as many purchases as you can early during the holiday season. You can mail any out-of-town gifts before the postal service gets very busy and with plenty of time to arrive before the holiday.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to cross the out of town packages off your to-do list!

Use internet shopping wisely.

Cyber-buying saves time and energy but can be costly.  It can be very easy to click and buy items and then find that you have blown your entire holiday budget.  When the credit card bills start arriving in January, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with debt and worrying about how you can begin to climb your way out of the mountain of expenses you racked up being overly generous or not quite as disciplined as you should have been.  Stick to your pre-planned holiday budget.

Try giving handmade items.

There are many items that you can give to family and friends that provide memories and joy without costing a lot of money. Hand-made crafts by children are always a wonderful treasure for grandparents, relatives and teachers. Kids can try their hands at handmade ornaments, cards, collages,cookies, or jewelry items. Plan ahead to give yourself and your kids time to create their masterpieces.

Include learning opportunities.

Make certain that your children understand the reason for the season and the true meaning behind the holidays.  Choose a charity to which you can send a money donation or purchase clothes and toys as donations.  Children will learn the importance of giving back to others and to be appreciative of the many benefits they have in their lives.

Be certain purchases are returnable.

Last tip.  If you make holiday gift purchases for others, make certain that the recipient can return the item and exchange it for another if necessary.  Don’t forget the gift receipts.  Sometimes it may be difficult to return items bought on line, and be careful that sale items can be returned.  If the item can be returned, that will simplify your holiday gift giving strategy.  It’s crazy out there!  Now, get busy, stay safe, and enjoy your holiday season!

Stress-Management Strategies for Happier Holidays

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