Holiday Stress Management

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Holiday stress management takes some real planning to stave off becoming overwhelming.  Use these strategies to plan your celebrations, bake your delectable goodies, decorate the house and find those special gifts.  The holiday season can be a joyous occasion filled with fond memories if you build workable stress management strategies.

First, Take Care of Yourself

You know that with a bulging schedule of commitments, you often find yourself trying to accomplish too much in too little time. With extra holiday responsibilities, we continually remind women to leave time to recharge. You need time to recharge your own energy levels.  Leaving time for a warm, soothing bath, a visit to the spa, and a date night without kids or extended family allows you the ability to regroup.  No guilty feelings!  You deserve a break from the stress and a chance to enjoy some calm within the entire holiday hectic pace.

Second, Delegate Responsibilities

Take a good hard look at your “to do” list.  There are plenty of tasks that you can delegate.  Get the kids to help with cleaning the house—at least their rooms—and this is a good time to expand their chores list to include taking care of pets, as well as learning how to help with laundry.  If you can handle youngsters in the kitchen, have them help with baking and preparing meals.  Delegating responsibilities not only teaches kids responsibilities, it also is an excellent holiday stress management strategy for you.  More hands make easier work for everyone.  Use the season to enlist support.

Third, Simplify Your Gift Buying

You don’t have to cover as much geographic area to purchase your holiday gifts as you used to.  With the internet, it is possible to make selections, place orders and have gifts shipped from the convenience of your own home.  Below, we have one of our recommended affiliate programs that we suggest for to consider.  Ordering gift baskets is convenient and helps with your stress management.  Take a look and see what gift ideas you find match your gift giving needs.

Holiday stress management starts with solid planning and utilizing all of the resources you have at your disposal.   Enjoy the holidays; they happen only once a year!

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