Kids Club Co-Op

by Elaine
(Tracy, Ca)

Kids club taking a afternoon hike!

Kids club taking a afternoon hike!

Have you considered developing a kids club for your summer experience? Have your kids get phone numbers and addresses of their close friends or family before school is out. Begin to gather information about the kids' interests so you can organize meetings that focus on these interests during the summer months. You may find that weekly meetings work best for everyone and you may choose to meet at participating parents's houses or at a park once a week.

You may plan opportunities for these kids to enjoy a game night, movie night, hiking, camping, baseball game, or pick-up basketball game together! The emphasis is to find whatever it is your community group of kids show interest in and want to experience together. Plan a night or afternoon where the kids can meet and parents can take turns being there with each other's kids like a co-op. The parents will get to know each other and become friends and can trade times of being responsible for the group of kids while giving other parents some time off.

This kid club organization allows kids to become better friends and allows parents to become an organization that oversees the kids but also allows parents some time off from full-time responsiblity of taking care of their kids during these summer months when they still have their full-time professional responsibilities. It is is a win-win for everyone.

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