Finding Low Stress Jobs
in Your Community 

Can you find low stress jobs in your areas?  Jobs where you can go to work each day, enjoy what you are doing and feel good about what you accomplish.  Jobs that provide no worries—about layoffs, pay cuts, or long working hours.  Jobs where you do not feel overwhelmed. These types of jobs are out there, but you may need to do a little research to find them.  To determine the difference between highly stressful jobs and lower stressing jobs, surveys are completed each year and specific fators about employment are considered.

In America, annually performs a research analysis of the most and least stressful job in America.  The organization uses 11 different factors to determine which of these are most influential in causing stress on the job.  Then, it ranks 200 professions by how significantly these factors influence the average workday.  Factors that weigh into stress include work environment, job competitiveness, physical demands, deadlines, on-the-job dangers and even the job's growth potential.

Examples of highly stressful jobs:

  • Photojournalists are expected to be on sometimes very dangerous front lines, with a moment’s notice to mobilize and they may stay on assignments for extended periods of time.
  • Corporate executives have jobs that require extensive knowledge of business and also involve understanding trends, technological developments, and implications of their decisions.
  • Public relations executives are completely at the mercy of their clients, creating a stressful situation because their success or failure is in many ways out of their hands—while being constantly connected to social media and managing several PR campaigns at once.
  • Commercial airline pilots have several stressful factors including the reliance on equipment and other people, air traffic controllers for their safety. They are also affected by pending layoffs, high oil prices and cost cutting in the industry. For these reasons, being a commercial airline pilot is currently the most stressful job in America.

This report by, that identified the most and least stressful professions, found that more than half of the 10 least stressful jobs are in health care.  These winning low stress job is led by audiologists, who assess and treat hearing disorders, and seem to be void of the stressful factors higher stress jobs have. 

Professions that involve low stress have very little danger and minimal physical demands.  Other least stressful jobs identified in the report include dietitian, dental hygienist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist and chiropractor.

Now, we would like to hear from you, the reader. What do you consider to be a low stress job? If you could wave a Magic Wand to lower stress in the workplace, what would you do? Please take a few minutes and share your examples. We would like to hear from you and learn what aspects of work lead you to experience stress and what are the most important criteria in creating that low stress job.

What Low Stress Job Do You Recommend?

What would you consider a low stress job? Tell us about it. What aspects make it less stressful and what makes it a great job? Do you think there are job openings? What training is needed for the job? We would love to know what our readers consider low stress jobs and why! Please take a few minutes to share your example!

Stress Management in the Workplace

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