My Personally Constructed Stress Detox Program

by Nancy

With two preschool-age children, and a high-impact job as a Human Resource Director for a multi-state transportation company, I have to carve out chunks of time to call my own. In addition, last year I had surgery to help me lose weight. Without the ability to eat much quantities of food, I began to look for other things to fill my time.
My stress releases have to be quick since time is limited! I’ve had to explore and recognize new uses of time to replace my former use of time for food addiction.

• My most productive indulgence is that I steal time with my IPod in the car on my way back and forth to work. I make some mixes that are high energy, mellow, spiritual, and acoustic—then pick my “mood”.

• I enjoy a good “search and find” mission at St Vincent DePaul. Not only do I get a charge for a good find, but it doesn’t cost much – Wednesdays are ½ price days!

• I read Real Simple magazine. It has tons of stress busters and the articles are short and relevant. Good quotes.

• I covet my long walk to the mailbox…without kids.

• Sit and watch cartoons with a kid on each side in bed.

• My new shelter kitty, Pumpkin, has brought some unexpected stress relief!

• Tune into a Law & Order television marathon or TiVo my Oprah shows.

• Reading quotes helps sometimes.

• Changing my decorations at home is a great mood changer. I went “spring” over the weekend. Formerly an ice theme and I’ve had enough.

• A good glass of wine sometimes works.

• I have enjoyed a quick “sneak away” to TJ Maxx to buy stupid junk.

• It really helps my self image to take a few extra minutes to do my makeup really well, rather than slapping it on! Gives me confidence all day.

• Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe...

• Journal –with a security password.

• Texting friends.

• Have QVC on, but MUTED.

•I wish I could say exercise, but I still hate that! I really like stretching and yoga and wish I could do that more.

•Paint my toenails crazy colors….currently with a brown/black. Trying not to want a sunshine tattoo.

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