Developing A Healthy
Parent-Child Relationship

Our you finding that developing a healthy parent-child relationship is difficult at times?  Do you find that your child makes demands for more of your time, more of you money for toys, clothes, sports equipment, etc., and more of your emotional well being that causes you to feel overwhelmed--not to mention stressed out!

Our modern culture sends our kids the message, that "More is Better!"  Yet is it? In giving in to our children's constant demands, we have added undue stress in our lives and lost focus on what creates a healthy parent-child relationship.

Look Inward First.

As you strengthen your relationship with your child, examine your own behavior.  You need to maintain control of your own emotions.  Don't let the children in your life cause your outbursts.  Who is in charge here?  Find ways to remain the adult with an objective perspective. When building a relationship, show that your actions are consistent and your communication is honest.  To maintain control of the family dynamics be steadfast and calm as you build your long-lasting, meaningful parent-child relationship. A healthy relationship must be founded on your core values and principles, if it is to endure.  

Respect Your Child.

As your child matures, give them the freedom to make decisions on their own. Even if you don't agree with some of their choices, this is their learning and growing time.  Your job is to assist them and guide them in the process.  Together you will both grown.  During this time, allow the child to express feelings and concerns as you listen to what they are saying.   The more you show respect for their opinions rather than judging their every move, the more likely you can develop a open line of communication and a trusting parent-child relationship. If you listen, really listen; your child is likely to talk.

Build in Shared Experiences.

Parenting is a life sentence, so enjoy the ride.  This may be a good time to revisit The Wheel of Life Exercise and identify how much of your daily time you are spending with your child. 

It can become easy to slip into the habit of getting caught up with work issues, but if you aren't careful you will miss a lot of the child's formative years.  You will miss seeing the world through their eyes. Build in one-to-one time with each child so that you can create a deepening relationship. There are so many ways to share time with the family including meals, recreation, reading, singing and exploring new places.  And above all else, share your faith with your child.

Make Your Child a Priority.

How are you spending your time?  How are you looking out for your child?  You may be feeding, educating and protection our child but it is still important that they know they are a priority in your life.  With all of your responsibilities between work and family, life becomes a balancing act sometimes.  They are a priority, but that does not give them free reign to dictate what and how you run your life.  A healthy parent-child relationship is nurtured by the parent until the children have reached adulthood.  Use the common sense you have.  You know more than you think.  Trust yourself—you’ll stress less.

Two Great Parenting Resources

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Scream free Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool is a practical, effective guide for parents with kids. It introduces proven principles for overcoming the anxieties and stresses of parenting and setting new patterns of connection and cooperation. The book is easy to read and will help you become a calming authority in your home and bring more peace and less stress in your family's lives.

Trusted parenting expert Michele Borba offers her practical and proven advice for meeting the most common parenting challenges for kids from 3 to 13. Michele offers effective solutions that help you make lasting change in your child's attitude, behavior, and character. With The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries (Child Development) as your guide, you can take on frustrating child-rearing issues and develop a healthy long-lasting parent-child relationship.

The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries

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