How Senior Women Can
Manage Life's Stressors

Senior women who have completed child-rearing, and may now be enjoying grandchildren.  It is also a time to transition from full-time careers and consider additional leisure time activities. Being retired should allow for hobbies and leisure time adventures.  However this chapter of life also can be stressful. For many, these years usher in different kinds of stressors.

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There are three major areas of worry for many of women in this chapter of life.   First, society is somewhat uncomfortable with it aging population because it doesn't know how to relate to this group and our media is constantly focusing on the beauty of youth.  Second, we find that aging creates both an increase in financial stress due to a looming economic disaster and we worry that if we do get sick, the skyrocketing health care costs will bankrupt us. 

The third life stressor for senior women is isolation.  This can occur for many seniors who must confront the death of a loved one or close friend.  Or the senior becomes limited in her physical mobility and is unable to get out and associate with others.  Such isolation from friends and loved ones can cause loneliness and depression.

Stress Management Strategies

Plan for your future.

In turbulent economic times,senior women should review what financial resources are available and create current strategic plans to maintain these financial investments.  Maybe with an empty nest, seniors find it appropriate to downsize and re-invest monies earned from owning less real estate.  Making plans for the future can eliminate the stress of uncertainty regarding what you, as a senior woman, can and can not financially afford.

Stay connected.

Loneliness is real. Don't loose track of your friends. One great way to keep in touch is through the internet. Also, to expand a group of new friends, women can enjoy online communities such as the SeniorWomenWeb, an Uncommon site for Uncommon Women.  Getting out into the community, senior women can develop a support network and enjoy sharing experiences with others.

Enjoy your Environment.

Your home is your castle.  And your castle is a place to experience the comfort of a queen. So look around you and re-arrange the setting to make it reflect your current needs and interests.  Maybe you still hear  the pitter patter of small feet--those of a grand child and you need to arrange a nursery area.  Actually, I hear the pitter patter of small feet- but there are four of them on each of my three dogs.  Now we make room for additional dog bowls and find a place to stash the growing number of toys. I have also added a bird feeding station outside of my kitchen window to enjoy birds who visit us daily.  Another set of friends to say hello to every day.  Re-inventing one's environment as we move through different stages of life keeps us alive with fresh perspectives and a calm understanding of who we are, where we have been and where we might like to go.

Build a legacy.

As you sort through the storage areas of your home, do you find yourself amazed at the amount of photographs you have collected over the years? Take a closer look at some of the faces you have immortilized on Kodak paper. Each photographed smile tells a story. Stories are part of your legacy. Share the stories by creating scrapbooks and documenting the advice you learned from previous generations. Building your autobiographic legacy is an inexpensive way to stay connected and provide a rewarding contribution. To manage stress in your life as a senior woman takes some thought, planning and creativity.

How Do You Handle Change in Your Life

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