Stress Management Tips
Handling a Bumpy Road 

At times, stress can be a motivator, but not often.  Try these stress management tips to shift the negative effects of stress into more positive benefits. Everyone experiences bumps in the road, from time to time.  But sometimes the bumpy road can become overly taxing.  Here is what you can do.

Incorporate some of these ideas into daily planning and learn how they can provide a positive difference. Experiencing sustained amounts of high stress can be detrimental to your body as well as your mind.  Give these stress management suggestions a try to see if you notice a healthier and happier you.

Think Positively

Stress management tips are only effective if you find relief from the tension and anxiety you are experiencing.  Having a positive outlook is one way that you can develop a healthy attitude about the world in which you engage. Develop a fresh attitude about how you are handling the stress that you deal with on a daily basis.  Did you know that your brain is actually a computer that was built to solve problems?

As you review the stressors in your daily life, look for ways to eliminate, reduce or manage these stress causing activities.  Eliminate activities that are no longer relevant in your current life situation.  Just because you volunteered to help with an activity when the children were young doesn’t mean you have to continue your involvement forever.

Reduce your involvement in other activities by delegating your responsibilities to individuals who now want to take part.  By eliminating some of the easier stress causes and reducing others, you have more focus to find management solutions for the other stress in your life.  This type of stress may be more chronic, ongoing stress that developed from family issues, financial concerns or heath challenges.  Regardless, some stress can not be eliminated and your solution will be finding ways to manage it.

Establish Boundaries

There is a limited amount of time you have available in each day and one of the most helpful stress management tips is to use your time wisely.  Organize your time well by developing daily plans.  Setting priories also allows you to establish limits for yourself.  Be realistic about what you can accomplish successfully in a day’s time.  Don’t try to tackle tasks that are beyond your capabilities.

As you make a focused effect to manage the stress in your life, make an concerted effort to protect your health.  Watch for physical symptoms such as muscle aches, tension headaches, stomach upsets, of high blood pressure, for example.  Your body is trying to tell you to slow down. These stress management tips are easy to add into your daily routine by planning taking the time to plan ahead and don’t over commit.

Focus on Others

A social network is important for everyone and these stress management tips remind us to stay in touch with friends and family.  By staying involved in activities apart from work and family, you move your attention away from those things that might be stressing you—that is, unless it is your over commitment in outside activities!  If this is the case, review ways to reduce your involvement.

However, helping others through volunteer activities, civic programs, or religious affiliations, can bring a sense of fulfillment.  Such involvement also allows you to meet new friends, explore different perspectives on life and boost your self esteem.

There are many articles on this website that focus in more depth about specific stress management tips that can help you improve your daily living.  Check our Sitemap Page for helpful information that address issues in the workplace and home as well as protecting your health.

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