Stress Relief Techniques
for Moms 

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Here are three stress relief techniques for moms.  Tuck these away in the corners of your minds and refer to them when life gets a little hectic and you start to think you are doing a poor job at motherhood.  Given that we’re our own worst enemy, take these suggestions and use them to boost your self esteem when it becomes a little deflated.

Stop Feeling Guilty.

Life is not perfect.  You know that.  Yes, you and every other mother have made mistakes.  It happens.  There are times when maybe you’ve lost your temper with the kids.  There were times, and probably will be more times, when you miss a child’s event.  You know that time is limited and yes, you are doing the best you can with juggling all of your responsibilities.  So stop feeling guilty and thinking that somehow, everyone else has it all together.  They don’t. 

You are not a bad mom, even if you make time for a yoga class, or stay at work late, or miss a soccer game, or use a baby sitter for a girl’s night out or a date with you husband.  As moms with stress we are quick to pull a guilt trip on ourselves and assume somehow we must be a bad mom because we can’t make everything perfect.  We can’t be perfect, but we certainly are good enough.  So stop with the guilty conscience!  Move on.

Like yourself.

You are unique.  You have talent.  Talking about stress relief techniques for moms is an easy subject when we start to believe in ourselves.  The stress seems to dissolve when we stop beating up on ourselves.  We can be grateful for all of our blessings; yes we have many.  Just take a few minutes and start making a list.  You will be surprised at all the good things in our lives that we take for granted.  And when we start realizing that we have plenty to offer and start sharing our talents with others, we start to feel better about ourselves.  If you don’t know where your talents lie, ask friends and family members what they think you do best.  How would they describe your talents?  Regardless of what you think, you have potential.  Find it and use it!

Just say, "No!"

Yes, women are hardwired to handle multitasking and continually try to fit more into a day than is humanly possible.  Women also are born to nurture and feel somehow that they have the responsibility to help everyone who asks.  Most of the time, moms are overworked and overwhelmed.  So why is it so difficult to just say, “No?”  Because we feel guilty.  We feel we have to explain and defend why we can’t take on yet another project.  “No” is a simple word with two letters and one syllable. 

My Answer is No . . . If That's Okay with You: How Women Can Say No with Confidence

Yes, you can still be compassionate and caring while you say, “no.”  It is understanding that you can say, “no” to some activities or responsibilities because you are saying, “yes” to other people or events that are your current priority. 

Establishing priorities and goals are healthy stress relief techniques for moms establish a sense of direction. Go to your nearest mirror and practice saying, “My answer is no.”  You, your family and friends will be glad you did!

These simple stress relief techniques for moms stem from the notion that your attitude and how you interact with those around you has a lot to do with the stress you feel.  It’s a tough job, this motherhood, but you’re handling the job well.  I know.  Been there.  Done that.

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