3 Ways to Eliminate Stressors
as You Embark on a Job Search

by Shweta Khare

Searching for a new job is filled with lots of stressors. Identifying your major sources of stress in searching for a new job is important.  How would you answer these questions?  As you embark on your job search,  what aspects of your life causes you the most stress?  How can you reduce and manage this stress?  Here are 3 ways to help lower the stress and anxiety you feel as you search for that new job. 

What is Your Financial Picture?

Financial worries always add stressors when searching for a new job.  Evaluate your financial health and make necessary changes to lower the financial stress so that you can focus your energy on pursuing new employment opportunities.  Analyse your financial health as soon as you know that you will be involved in a job search.  Review your finances and find strategies to help you bridge the financial challenges until you can resume bringing in a pay check. Developing financial solutions you can embrace is an important first step in developing an effective job search campaign. If you provide the major source of income for the family, addressing your financial picture is usually the primary stressor in your life.

Build a Network of Support

If you have been laid off or you have recently lost your source of income, it is not unusual to want to isolate yourself from others.  Beware of the additional stress and increased feeling of depression you may be experiencing. This is not the time to cut of interactions with family members and your friends.  This is a time to rely on their support. This is a time to share your emotions and talk about how you feel with those who can support you. Human interaction, touch, and being expressive are the most effective ways to reduce stress.  While searching for a new job, it takes a lot of energy to stay optimistic and motivated. Your network of support is there for encouragement and should be used to help provide insights, comfort and help lessen the negative impact of the stressors you are experiencing.  Sometimes, good job offers through your network can develop out of the blue when you least expect it!

Identify Your Core Strengths and Abilities

A long-term job search can produce feelings of low self-esteem. This is another cause of depression in women.  Do not let the stressful job search deter you.  Learn how to keep a journal and list your core strengths and abilities.  Identify your marketable talents.  When talking to potential employers do not shy away from marketing your skills.  You are your best promoter. 

When considering a new job, match your talents and skills with the job description.   Prepare a pitch which showcases these competencies.  Don't be afraid to feel good about what you have to offer.  Feeling great and celebrating "you" is a major step towards defeating all odds.  If you are positive and self-motivated, you can find that job that uses your skill set.

Take the time as you go through this change in your life, and make certain you know what's stressing you.  Eliminate the stressors that you can.  In this time of uncertainty, having a sense of calm is essential.

About the Author:
Shweta Khare is a career coach based in the Bay Area, CA and blogs at careerbright.com.  Shweta runs a Career Resource Centre at the ICC, Milpitas, where she organizes seminars and offers free career clinics to the unemployed or career changers. Shweta is also a speaker and since she is passionate about public speaking, she coaches kids and adults to hone their public speaking skills.

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