Building Self Esteem:
Summer Jobs for Teens

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Building self esteem is an important character trait that teens need to develop as they mature into adulthood.  Also, time management and goal setting are two skills that help teens become successful as they enter their young adult years. If your teen is thinking that the summer job may be unlikely in these economic times, here are reasons to keep trying.  Summer work provides important ways for increasing confidence and earning money.

What a Teen Learns from Working

  1. To become comfortable in a business environment so that they feel comfortable and less stressed learning on the job in the workplace.
  2. To develop a sense of responsibility as they become accountable for the work they produce.  This is the essence of building self esteem.
  3. To practice time management skills as they complete assignments according to deadlines.
  4. To become proficient in goal setting and identify what types of jobs they will prefer later in life.
  5. To improve social skills and practice how to respond politely and efficiently to customer needs.
  6. To develop a sense of independence as they earn their own money, direct their own work schedule and balance the work and personal responsibilities of their lives.

Job Examples for Your Teenager to Try

It can be very challenging for your teen to find a summer job other than flipping burgers.  But the summer season also offers many opportunities for the creative teen who is willing to learn new skills and develop her own success stories.  Consider these five reasons why summer is a great time for teens to find employment while building self esteem.

Summer is a green growing season.

If your teen enjoys being outdoors then consider applying at a local landscaping business that hires summer employees.  Your teen will need to learn mulching, trimming and grass cutting skills and work hours starting early in the day.  Many nurseries, green houses and garden shops utilize seasonal employees.

Start a yard maintenance service. Create flyers to distribute in your neighborhood with people you know.  Offer to take care of grass cutting as you learn the trade.  Then add additional services as you learn about trimming shrubs, etc..  This is a great way to learn business financial management, customer service techniques, and time management skills.

Summer is a season for entertaining.

Graduation parties, school class reunions, family reunions and visiting out of town guests are all reasons for entertaining.  If your teen enjoys food preparation or is considering culinary arts as a vocation, why not try her hand at catering. Teens can work together and develop an entrepreneurial business, while building self esteem and enjoying fun learning.

Summer is a season for vacations.

Families travel in the summer.  If you are an animal lover, consider offering a pet sitting and dog walking service.  Get some training by spending some time as a dog walker at your local shelter and learn from the shelter staff about how to take care of all types of different dogs and cats.  That experience is something you can promote with your pet sitting and dog walking service.  Many individuals, who work long hours, hire people to walk and play with their pets.

Summer is a season for home repair.

Many families try to complete home repair projects during the summer season.  Many of these are outside projects, such as house painting, window cleaning, etc.  If your teen likes to work outdoors and enjoys physical labor, a home maintenance service might be a great way to earn summer revenue.  Advertise those projects that your teen is willing to tackle with the necessary skills.  Some people may hire your teen to work along with them as they complete their projects which is also a great way for your teen to learn these skills.

These are just a few ways in which your teen can find financial rewards during the summer season.  Having a great attitude to try something new and the self motivation to pursue the opportunity will take your teen a long way toward success and building self esteem.

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