Self Esteem and Stress Management: How to Survive the End of a Relationship

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There are times when bolstering self esteem and stress management go together.  Healing the wounds that result from a relationship break-up is one of those times.  The break-up may have been between a life-partner, friend, or co-worker.  But, an end brings with it many emotional experiences including the sense of loss, feelings of guilt, sadness and/or anger.  At this time, we need to protect our self esteem and stress management strategies can help.

Self Esteem and Stress Management

The end of a relationship often results in feelings of loss and emptiness.  If this person was a life-partner, there may be feelings of uncertainty about how to continue life alone.  Grief follows.  At this fragile time, protecting our self esteem is an absolute requirement, and there are some stress management strategies that can be particularly effective.  Self esteem and stress management can work together.

One way to counter-balance the pain associated with loss is to find a greater purpose in life; some project or activity that can help us put life in perspective and support our self esteem; something to make us feel worthwhile and motivated to get out of bed in the morning.  Sharing our talent with others is a beneficial stress management strategy that provides positive outcomes for both the recipient of our efforts and our own well being. Embracing a new life purpose not only staves off depression and bolsters our self esteem, it helps us put our life back in perspective and move forward.  This is a productive way to handle change in our lives.

The Importance of Positive Thinking

Our mind has the power to help us maintain a healthy physical and mental disposition when it produces high quality, positive thoughts. The physical well being and positive self esteem allow us to energetically embrace our daily routines with more motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration.  Conversely, negative thoughts encourage a downward spiraling of confidence and self-belief. 

Our self-esteem can take a beating.  We start to believe that we can’t accomplish certain goals or we are not worthy of achieving certain milestones.  When a relationship ends there is always a tendency for negative thoughts to become more prevalent.

With the end of a relationship, we often experience a roller coaster of emotions ranging from sadness to self-blame.  From anger to anxiety. We may feel guilty as though the final outcome was our fault.  The increase in stress in our lives is common, and until we find new ways to rebuild a fulfilling and productive life, we may be challenged with feelings of depression.  These are all normal reactions to the end of a relationship.

Maintaining a positive mental perspective is one of the most important stress management tools on overcoming the sense of loss.  Understanding that life changes are inevitable and that everyone will experience the end to a relationship at some point in their lives may help keep things in perspective, but it doesn’t provide comfort as we deal with the life transition.  Protecting our positive self esteem and stress management have to be put in place.

Finding a greater purpose than ourselves and keeping our mind pumping out positive thoughts can fuel us toward recovery.  Realizing that your self esteem is still healthy, and enjoying a sense of relief that the pain is subsiding can bring a ray of hope for a brighter, more fulfilling future.  Learning from what we experience also provides us with a richer, more useful dose of wisdom to guide us in our next life chapter.  Self esteem and stress management are partners in our effort to move past the painful effects of a relationship demise.

Embrace Your Life Transition and Dare to Dream

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