Protect Your Health by
Lowering Stress Levels

Good health is a core component to enable a happy and enjoyable life. Even busy schedules and your time management strategies are stretched to the limit, don't ignore your physical wellbeing.  The body was designed to move—including walking and other forms of exercise.  Also, the body needs proper nourishment to negate the effects of stress and replenish much needed nutrients.

Research indicates that participating in regular exercise reduces stress so try to include some form of physical activity on a regular basis.  This might include housework, walking pets, bicycling, or popular sports such as golf, swimming or tennis. Injuries, disease, stress, aging and genetics can affect our good physical wellbeing. 

As women, we often neglect taking care of ourselves, because we have so many other responsibilities that consume our time.  We often find ourselves fulfilling the role of caretaker, taking care of elderly parents, young children and other family or friends in need. However, if we are not taking care of ourselves, it can be physically challenging to maintain proper care of others.

Check out the article detailing an Exercise and Stress Reducing Program and the article about Stress and Eating Well for helpful suggestions.  Taking time to replenish ourselves is an essential defense against the harmful results of too much stress.

In the meantime, don't take life too seriously. Add a little humor, learn to be more forgiving of others and if you want to learn more about how to reduce stress with laughter.  Laughter can help release the bottled up stress you are accumulating throughout the day.  Sometimes a good belly laugh is just the remedy to relieve tension.

You may interested in viewing this site.  Holistic Health provides information on wellbeing and a productive life style.  Also pages and articles on diet, exercise, nutrition, spiritual guidance, meditation and a whole lot more, all to do with how to live a more rewarding and vital life.

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