Living In the Present Is Important

living in the present

Living in the present is challenging for many individuals.  Our minds offer an ongoing commentary of thoughts that never seem to shut down.  No matter what we are doing, the mind is actively engaged.  Although it is helpful to have a mind that is always ready to engage in the next problem to be solved, it can be stressful to find quiet time illusive. 

Have you noticed how your thoughts wander?  Maybe you were observing an event at work, and suddenly your thoughts shift to something that occurred yesterday or a situation that might happen tomorrow.  The mind is like that.  Always ready to connect random thoughts about what might happen or reliving what has already happened.

It seems we spend little time living our lives fully engaged in the present moment.  Yet, living in the present is important because it is the only real time.  It is the only opportunity you have to connect and be fully engaged with others in an interpersonal and real way.  This is the only time to create meaningful relationships.  

If you are reliving past events, you are simply rehashing history with no ability to make any changes.  If you are worrying about the future, you are living somewhere that doesn’t exist because it hasn’t happened.  Real change can only occur in the present because that is where any action can take place.

Why is living in the present important?  Because that is where reality lives.  That is where you can have personal involvement with others.  You can become attuned to their emotions.  You can create.  But to fully appreciate the world around you as it is in the present, keep the brain focused on the moments of the day.  Start to notice the sounds, the smells, people’s emotions, and the details of events.  The world can be a wonderful place if you take time to fully engage and create a relationship with the world around you. 

Staying focused in the present is easier if you love what you do.  If you are passionately connected with the work you do—your job, volunteer work, or family responsibilities—you can find yourself savoring the moments spent involved in these tasks and accomplishments.  If you are not pursuing your passion, get there.  Find it.  You will enjoy a healthier, stress-reduced life with more fulfillments guaranteed.

They say that life is short.  I agree with them.  So dream big about what you want to accomplish in the future.  But stay focused on now so that you can monitor placing one foot in front of the other and enjoy the journey getting to where you want to go.

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