Simplifying Your Life
Brings Benefits

by Jen Smith

Could you benefit from simplifying your life? There is a lot of talk these days about the benefits of simplicity, but why is simplicity beneficial?

1. Simplicity saves money
There are many reasons why simplicity can save you money. Simplicity means buying only what you need. Simplifying your
possessions and selling them is a great way to earn money. Clearing out some of your possessions means you can see the wood for the trees and save yourself buying the same things twice because you had forgotten you had it already! It is also a good feeling to pass things that you don’t use anymore on to a charity shop and know that someone else will benefit from them.

2. Simplicity brings clarity
There are so many influences and sources of information that hit us every day that it is important to manage what we are affected by. Have a look at what you have control over. For example, if you are following thousands of people on Twitter, be honest with yourself; can you really connect in a meaningful way with that many people? Don’t be afraid to simplify in order to create more meaningful connections. This applies to your offline life as well as online.


3. Simplicity helps you focus
 Following on from my last point, simplifying your life helps you hear your own voice and subsequently increases clarity. Once you have gained clarity in a particular area the ongoing practice of simplifying helps you stay focused on what matters. As you learn to practice the art of simplifying you will become an expert at managing and limiting distractions so you can stay clear and focus on what matters.

4. Simplicity decreases stress
Simplifying your life means you can stop feeling inundated with responsibilities, commitments and “stuff” that you don’t want.
Through minimizing these inputs you begin to remove the things you don’t enjoy from your life leaving room to focus on what really matters to you. A cluttered life, both in the physical and emotional sense can become stifling and stressful. A simple life leaves fewer things to “bump” up against and more room for calm.

5. Simplicity increases joy
It is the little things in life that matter most. It is nice to have nice things but ultimately experiences and time spent with loved ones is what most of us remember when all is said and done. Simplifying your life means you can clear out the junk; the excess baggage and leave room to enjoy the little things in life. Simplifying leaves room to play, to stroke your pet or discover that you enjoy cooking. Sometimes there is too much choice in our modern lives. Simplifying leaves a clean slate for fun.

These are some of the major benefits that I have discovered through simplifying my life. I would love to hear your experiences. The challenges you face, the triumphs you have had and any suggestions that you have found helpful.

Jen Smith is a Life Coach and Personal Development blogger from the UK who who can be found at Jen (m)

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