by Gregory Moses
(Bethel, Alaska)

I live in Alaska, and in my previous job I traveled all over ths state. One of the trips I took was to Shaktoolik, Alaska to recruit local elders to volunteer at the school and teach about Traditional Native values and their cultural way of life.

One morning, I was walking to see my great grandfather's house two miles from the village. Each morning I pray and listen to instructions that my Lord Jesus has for me. Well, that morning He asked me, "Look to your right and tell me what you see." I turned to my right and responded, "I see a storm." He responded to me by saying, "I'm greater than any storm (life problem) that you will ever have. All I want you to do is trust in me, and I will be with you in the middle of storms to help you."

At that time I wasn't going through any storms in my life. A few years later, we moved to Bethel, Alaska and that is when we experienced many storms in our lives, marriage, family, finances, job, etc. During each storm I cried to the Lord for help, wisdom and strength to endure and overcome each storm. I learned as long as I have trusted Him, He has never failed me and my family. I now know He will never fail us.

Praying is when I talk to Him for guidance, and when I can give Him all my problems I will receive that guidance. He also has helped, strengthened and continually guided me through His wonderful Holy word. He has brought true balance in my life, marriage, family, finances, etc. I give Him all the praise and glory He deserves.

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Aug 24, 2015
by: Gregory Moses

This message is exactly what I neede in life right now. This is the message our Father gave me, whe I was at Saktoolik. At the time He gave it to me, I didn't know what He was talking about, but for the past ten years, I had great terrible struggles in my marriage and learned from Him all the pain I experienced when I was a little boy.
My heart was hard and bitter from all the pain I experienced that my heart was very numb. When I saw this little boy who was rejected by both his parents, my Father in Heaven said to me "That was you, when you were a little boy." It was only about 5 - 7 years later did I began dealing with all the bitterness of my heart. I layers and layers of bitters, but when I called to Him, He showed the bitterness of my heart and helped me to forgive. What a wonderful gift we give ourselves when we forgive.

Thank you Father for helping me on my journey of restoration of my heart.

Gregory Moses

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