Stress Management Activities
That Work Well for Women

We know that women are busy.  These stress management activities are just the remedy for a hectic lifestyle that is often run on auto pilot.  If women take a little extra time to be more aware of their surroundings, practice healthy living habits, and ground their actions with an underlying purpose, their stress will melt away.

Living in the Present

The problem for us women, is that we are always rushing to finish one thing and move on to the next.  Stress management activities that work best are those that allow us to use the hours found in each day and notice the beauty of our world.  We’ll be more relaxed.  Too often we spend our lives planning for the future or reliving the past.  Let’s live right now.  And to savor the present, we need to stop living on auto-pilot.  Respect everyday, and fully live in the present.

Woman watering a plant

Too often women are racing through their days trying to get all of the appointments, activities and responsibilities accomplished before they turn in at night.  Does this sound like you?  Is this what you want others to notice about you—how you are always in a hurry?

We realize that the daily demands from family, friends and co-workers can be daunting.  But taking time to enjoy the people around you will rub off on others.  If you smile more, there will be more smiles coming back in return.  The present is the only true time we experience—not the past or the future.  Just right now.  Help others to experience it with you and make the time you share more meaningful.

Indulge Yourself in Healthy Living.

Time to Stretch

As you move through the day, situations can be stressful, and time constraints can increase your tension.  On auto-pilot you may not be aware of the increased muscle tension that is building.  We like to build in time to stretch those muscles—even 5 minutes—to release the pent-up tension.  And we boost our energy with a healthy snack in mid afternoon.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be a boring life sentence.  Enjoy the foods you eat.  Savor the opportunities you make for exercise.  At night, take time to unwind and enjoy the calm.

Be purposeful.

Stress management activities often include relaxing techniques and coping strategies to survive a difficult situation.  But take a look at your schedule.  Why are you doing so much?  Is there something you can cut out or reduce?  If you take a long focused look at your activities and consider why you are doing these things, you may find that some of the activities may have outlived their usefulness.  Or some things literally have no real purpose in your life.

Woman being purposeful in her desk work.

Having a purpose in the things you do gives meaning to your life and allows you to feel good about yourself. Activities change and your reasons for attending to different situations change as well.  Every now and again it makes sense to re-assess why you are so darned busy and whether you need to be doing all of these activities.  By reviewing the purpose behind the hustle and bustle may provide surprising answers.

Stress management activities that allow women to enjoy the present, indulge in healthy living and engage in meaningful activities are always going to provide successful results.

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Stress Management for Women

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