Stress Reducing Techniques for Planning a  Graduation Party

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Are you celebrating a graduating student? Here are useful stress reducing techniques that can help with planning a graduation party without having to deal with the anxiety that  often accompanies such an occasion.

Here are  creative ways to make this event memorable.  Use your imagination to add unique twists to the creation of a graduation party that will be remembered long after the event has occurred.


When deciding on a location, consider whether you want to host the party at home or at another location that might cost money.  As you make a decision about the location, you will also be deciding the time of the event, number of guests, and decoration ideas.  Stress reducing techniques include (1) keeping the decorating plans simple so that you don't create too much extra work and (2) choosing a date that is far enough in advance to give you time to complete the arrangements without being rushed.

Guest List

Who will you include?  Are you inviting extended family and close friends?  Are you inviting teachers and other community members?  Since this is a party for the graduate, it's important to invite her friends.  Reduce stress by (1)creating a budget so you know how many people you can afford to entertain  and (2)limiting alcohol consumption so you don't have to worry about under-age drinking.


Best advice for menu planning-- keep it simple.  Depending on the time of day, you may be serving snacks or a full meal or both.  You may wish to have a graduation cake, which should be ordered early.  Have your guests RSVP early enough to allow you time to determine food quantities needed.  Stress lowering techniques include (1) consider having the event catered so that you have help with the food preparation, set up and clean up, and (2) consider hiring someone to help with the serving and set-up even if you are not using a caterer.


Create a list of all the items you will need.  This list includes invitations, food serving supplies (dishes, cutlery, napkins, etc) decorations and entertainment (games, music, etc.).  Reduce stress by (1) picking up supplies early to insure you have them and (2) using paper and plastic products for easy clean up. Also purchase disposable plastic containers to send extra food home with your guests.

Documenting the Event

Make arrangements to take photographs and keep a list of the guests who attend the party.  Stress reducing techniques include (1) having a guest book for everyone to sign and leave special messages for the graduate, and (2) having friends share photos that they take with their smart phones. 

Early planning is essential in creating a memorable graduation party that is stress-free and enjoyable.  By planning ahead, you will have time to consider that aspects of the event that will make your guests and graduate feel special.

Try These Stress Reducing Techniques for Daily Life

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