Life Balance
The Changing Equation

Among the many issues that women handle, life balance, between personal and professional responsibilities, is the most challenging. One example of this juggling act is working moms trying to balance the responsibilities of motherhood, marriage, Suzy Homemaker and possibly caretaker for aging parents.  Often these ladies wish they could be given one more hour in their day! Effective time management strategies help  handle the demands for time and attention.  Such a challenge is certainly not limited to working moms.  Everyone has had experiences where their lives seem out of balance and out of control.  Learning to take control of your life situations becomes important.

Rosie, the woman who can do it all!

A sense of personal fulfillment in life is not tied to the amount of money you earn or your job title or your social status. Other aspects such as good health, strong family relationships, and making lasting contributions to others in need can provide greater satisfaction.   Creating a sense of balance includes identifying those aspects that bring a sense of contentment, but this changes depending on the chapter of life you are currently experiencing. 

Priorities, interests and life demands change with each chapter and the focus of these things can shift significantly. Reviewing the wheel of life exercise to identify the shifting patterns in how you spend your time will help indicate how your life balance is changing.  You could be experiencing the challenges as a new mother, young professional, empty nester or senior. What ever chapter you are creating, the equation for balance will differ.  It doesn't matter that things differ, just that you are comfortable with where you are focusing your attention.

Life balance is always fluid and changing. That is what makes life such an adventure. The best advice is to enjoy the here and now with out too much concern with living in the past or worrying about the future. Enjoy your current situation or make a concerted effort to staying focused on improving things. Choose your own set of stress management tools that work successfully for you and create your own unique balance in life. There is no "one size fits all" when creating such a balance.

The balance is the way you can  handle your responsibilities and commitments so that you are comfortable in your own skin.  It is a personal thing. Creating life balance for your needs differ from other people's and trying to follow someone Else's model may not be effective. Stress begins to increase and you can feel anxious, or overwhelmed when you feel life is out of balance for the chapter you are experiencing.

We realize that every day you juggle the many demands for your time from work, kids, friends and others. You can reduce stress and enjoy a more rewarding life when you are comfortable with what you are doing and the life goals you are striving to achieve.

Realize that you can not be everything to everyone so stop, take notice of who you are and decide what you can be to yourself first.  Then, and only then, can you share yourself with others.

Finding Life Balance During Midlife Transitions

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