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The Big Book of Stress Relief Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Feeling Better is a very effective remedy for our stressed-out lives.  It seems like the author includes examples of just about every major technique that has ever been developed for managing stress.  The great part is that by using this easy-to-read book, you will learn these techniques in a stress-free way—through fun, quick, easy-to-play games.

Bottom line.  You need this book.  Why?  Because, even with years of schooling, we are taught nothing about stress management.  As adults, we flock to therapists or physicians or yoga classes or health clubs, anxiously seeking magic cures for the stress we feel, but relief rarely comes, and when we do find stress relief, it is usually temporary. Find more at Party Games 4

At this website, we offer stress management strategies to either protect you from increased amounts of stress or incorporate strategies to reduce your stress levels.  Either approach can result in enormous benefits for health, mood, performance, relationships, and organizations.  That’s why we recommend this book.  The stress relief games included by the author, Robert Epstein, provide strategies that either reduce the sources of your stress, help you relax, manage your thoughts to reduce stress, or learn planning techniques to avoid higher levels of stress.

This book contains fifty fun activities that teach the many different stress-management techniques that have been developed, including muscle relaxation games, imagery games, stretching games, thought-restructuring games, breathing games, and tension relieving games.  The games are arranged alphabetically by title and the author has tried to create titles that are upbeat and memorable.

Because of the way the book provides instruction for each activity, business professionals can use the stress relief games to train staff members and moms can use the games to help kids deal with stress management.  There is also a “Personal Touch” section to many of the games which explains how to use the techniques to manage your personal stress levels.  In other words, this book will help you if you’re a leader or teacher, and you can also use it for personal growth.

Our favorite games are Ready, Set, Sit! which shows that sitting in certain positions at the work desk can be very relaxing, and The Twenty-Eight Hour Day which shows how planning helps shave hours of work from your workday.  These are fun activities that benefit your health, improve your productive and help you enjoy a happier, less stressful lifestyle. Pick up The Big Book of Games to help with stress relief, and add it to your bookshelf.  You'll be glad you did!

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