Managing Stress Triggers
In A Professional World

Stress triggers come in all sizes and intensities.  Stress is a normal part of everyday life, but things can get even more complicated if you are a woman professional trying to juggle multiple responsibilities with work, home and kids.   Most people experience challenges with stress at some point through the year, but depending on schedules, things can become unbearable.

overworked professional woman

Situations that trigger your stress reactions can vary depending on the season of the year—ranging from your business busy time when you may be working overtime to your business slow season when you have more time to spare.  How does this compare to your home life schedule?  Do you find when you are busiest at work, the kids need to be taxied to after school activities?  What’s a professional woman to do?  Emotional overload from stress usually occurs when you have already exceeded your patience limit, and then you experience commuting tie-ups, daycare scheduling conflicts or pushed up work deadlines.

How you handle the stress triggers in your life is what we call stress management. At this site, we have many articles describing a range of tools that women professionals can use to relieve some of the stress they are experiencing. The fast tempo of our lifestyle makes stress management for women a necessary skill.

Work life and home life are a blend of two worlds.  And the blending varies depending on your profession, your family responsibilities and your leisure time activities (yes, you need to indulge in recreation—it is not a luxury).

Identifying what causes stress and the triggers may not be as easy as you think.  Still, it is an important first step in managing your stress.  Review both of these worlds carefully and list those things that cause you to become tense, stressed or anxious.  The work world and the home world both have stress triggers that can develop because of specific causes.  The first step in effective stress management is finding the causes of your stress at work and at home.  Here are some of the situations that cause you stress and can trigger emotional anxiety, anger or depression.

Stress Triggers at Work

  • Co-worker conflict
  • Lack of respect for your work by your boss
  • No input in your job responsibilities or project designs
  • Overcommitted time schedule
  • Poor physical space in which to work

Stress Triggers at Home

  • Juggling kid’s schedules
  • Creating healthy meals
  • Keeping up with the housework
  • Caretaking responsibilities for aging parents
  • Financial strains for personal budgets

Once you have identified your triggers, you can start deciding what strategies are best to manage the stress.  Stress will never disappear from you life.  Identifying the most helpful stress management strategies will increase your ability to cope with your life’s challenges.  By trying to blend the different time commitments that seasonally change at home and at work will help you gain an understanding that life is not always in balance.  Life changes throughout the months of the year. The goal is to create a life that is more passionate, more productive, less stressful and happier in every way.

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Stress Management in the Workplace

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