How To Design A Customized Stress Management Strategy 

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This stress management strategy format is a simple way to design a strategy for coping with those specific stressors that are affecting you. When dealing with unwanted stress, the best approach is to devise an action plan.  But the action plan must be customized to address your individual needs.

We would all enjoy spending relaxing time pampering ourselves, just like this lady in the illustration--maybe a little chocolate to indulge oneself?  But pampering is a reward that occurs after you have identified and addressed the stressors in your life.   Consider the five techniques outlined below and create an stress management action plan using those that best address your needs. 

Make an Honest Assessment.

Do you honestly know what is causing you stress?  How can you develop a stress management strategy for to deal with your life stressors if you can't pinpoint the reasons that trigger the stressful experiences.  The stress you experience usually develops from a combination of factors.  To begin developing a stress management strategy that works for you, assess your lifestyle. 

Write down your daily activities and the emotional responses you may be feeling in a journal.  Journal writing is an excellent way to  identify the patterns and issues in your life that are causing you stress.  Can you list 5 items that are causing stress?  Which of these items is causing the most intense reaction?   Is there a life stressor that you should address first?

Set Your Priorities.

If you have been able to identify life stressors that you would like to reduce, manage or prevent, consider how you can improve your life situation.  What is most important priority for you to accomplish right now?  How can a stress management strategy help you accomplish the things that matter most at this time in your life?  Creating SMART Goals can help with this process.  Stress Management for women often includes learning how to address several responsibilities at once, and also disciplining yourself put these in perspective.  What matters most in your life right now?  What priorities can you establish with goal setting?

Learn to Cope Effectively.

Learning how to cope with stress is vital for women trying to effectively deal with the stress in their lives.  Finding the right coping style for you may take some experimenting.  This article on stress management tips outlines several suggestions for handling your daily stressors.  Not only do you need to adjust your attitude and accept that stress will always be around in some form, you need to stay physically and mentally strong to combat the negative effects of stress.  Also, incorporate relaxation techniques that help you stay calm, focused and objectively realistic in dealing with the world around you.

Manage Your Time Wisely.

Any stress management strategy should embrace the effective use of time.  This goes back to your priorities that you established and using your time to accomplish the most important things for which you are responsible.  Practice the art of making lists.  Plan your work and work your plan!  Be reasonable about what you can accomplish in a day.

Take Time to Celebrate.

Everyone has a busy schedule but you still need to set aside some time to reward yourself for your accomplishments--even if this means you are celebrating that you made it through a very stressful day or event! Put the day's issues behind you and relax.  Celebrate with friends and keep a positive attitude.

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