Your Successful Career Journey
Reframe Your Life and Enjoy

This workbook helps you create a successful career journey that allows you to increase your sense of fulfilment and lower your stress. You will excel in the workplace.  The book provides step-by-step exercises and activities that help you master the strategies necessary to move forward confidently and intelligently along this occupational road adventure.

We use the farmer’s planting cycle as a theme throughout the chapters. 

Preparing, planting, growing and harvesting along the way.  Your career can follow this same process of growing and nurturing to provide an enjoyable journey and memorable experiences.

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Enjoying a successful Career Journey (Reframe Your Life)

Here is what is included: 

Chapter One: Introducing the Farmer’s Cycle

To prepare for your career journey we begin by completing several self-assessment exercises including: job satisfaction, skill sets, accomplishments and personal values.  Building a strong foundation of your strengths is an important beginning. 

Chapter Two: How Can I Refine a Career Vision?

Creating a career vision includes setting goals and repackaging skills to transfer to the next level.  You will be visualizing your career path by creating a collage.  Also, you will be designing a skill building strategy as a professional development plan.

Chapter Three: How Can I Thrive on My Career Path?

Professional growth comes from reframing your career journey perspective and practicing ways to incorporate new skills and abilities into job advancements.  To thrive, the career path and the personal life path are in alignment.  Work/life balance provides a sense of personal and professional fulfilment.

Chapter Four:  Reaping the Rewards

The feeling of success is produced by the memories of the journey that took you to your goal.  Documenting the journey not only inspires you to continue moving forward but informs you of modifications to make along the way.  Learn how to craft a résumé, flow chart and portfolio as useful tools.

Appendix:  Strategies for Creating a Powerful Résumé 

Start your professional development process with this workbook and enjoy success in your chosen profession.  Lower the stress and Increase your productivity and sense of purpose.

Workplace stress doesn't have to become a barrier in your occupational road adventure.

Can A Successful Career Journey Be Stress-Free?

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