Creating a Stress-free Career

We want to help you create a stress-free career.  Since you spend so many hours working in a profession, it makes sense to pick a job you enjoy and will continue to enjoy throughout your professional years.  When designing one, there are several strategies that can help you identify a worthwhile occupation and enjoy a career that utilizes your skills, abilities and knowledge.

Here are some tips that we hope will resonate with you and you can use these strategies to craft your own enjoyable, satisfying career path.  Everyone has a unique personality and life situation, so choose those tips that work best for you.

Who Are You?

Choose a career because it suits your own unique character style and a career in which you believe.  A career that allows you to grow and learn can provide satisfaction and fulfillment. A job that utilizes your strengths allows you to feel a sense of contribution. So make an honest assessment about what you can offer at a particular job and decide if it is a comfortable match.

What Do You Love?

Follow your heart when creating your career path.  Explore the areas in life that you are most passionate about and consider ways in which you can earn a living working in these areas. Work can be tedious at times, so pursuing something that you enjoy will help you deal with challenging times and keep you motivated.  People tend to perform better in areas that they enjoy.  So find a job where people will notice your enthusiasm, competency and your smile.

Guard Against Stress!

Can you identify the causes of any workplace stress? maybe there is unreasonable job expectations or worker conflicts.  Office politics.  Long commuting time.  Are these aspects you can tolerate or are these things you would like to change?  Maybe it's time to consider finding a different job with lower stress levels.  When making a career change knowing what characteristics of the job you like and don't like will help you find a suitable match.

Enjoy Your Career Adventure!

As humans, we continue to learn throughout our lives.  S,in a stress-free career path, why not embrace learning as part of the way in which you can grow and broaden your outlook as you develop new skills, abilities and knowledge.  Always play nice with your colleagues.  Learn from them and respect their expertise.  Give back to those who have helped you.  Live in the present but use what you are learning to build for your future.

Keep Life in Perspective.

Stress management in the workplace is a necessary part of career development.  There are people who will drive you crazy if you let them and there are assignments that you will find are unrealistic.  But if you maintain a perspective that work is one part of your life and there are other personal aspects with family and friends that are more important you will be more likely to not allow work to become all encompassing.  There will always be trade-offs in life but a stress-free career can be created when the professional part of your life assists you in reaching your dreams and goals, but does not become the center of your universe.

This Book Includes More Stress-free Career Advice!

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