Need To Handle Teen Anger:
Here's the Solution

As a parent, are you witnessing teen anger?   Your teen, with raging hormones and an over committed schedule may find that anger is an easy way to express stress. Yet, the outburst can cause damaging results. Teens express their anger for any number of causes such as getting a poor grade in school, losing in an athletic competition or having a bad hair day.

Help For Parents With Strong-Willed, Out-Of-Control Teens

Although  expressing  anger can be a normal occurrence at times, parents should guard against the anger escalating and occurring more frequently. Here is a program that is very effective for parents to use if they believe that teen anger is getting out of control.

  •  How much longer will you tolerate dishonesty and disrespect
  • How many more temper tantrums and arguments will you endure?
  •  Have you wasted a lot of time and energy trying to make your child change?

Try this program by Mark Hutton that includes both a digital e-book and an accompanying online parent support program.  The Online Parent Support (OPS) is a program designed specifically for parents of strong-willed or out-of-control adolescent children.  OPS provides the practical and emotional support parents need to change destructive adolescent behavior.

The straightforward, step-by-step action plans presented in the curriculum allow parents to take immediate steps toward preventing or intervening in their children’s negative choices.  Parents involved with OPS have the opportunity to experience success at home within the first week.

OPS includes My Out-Of-Control Teen eBook (a digital book).  In this book,Hutton shares over 150 proven techniques to use with your strong-willed, out-of-control teenager.

The easy-to-follow curriculum teaches concrete prevention, identification, and intervention strategies for the most destructive of adolescent behaviors.

Teen anger is an emotion that expresses itself from time to time but be careful if the outbursts can cause harm to the teen or someone else.  I raised two sons who could get very angry at times, especially in athletic competition.  I have witnessed a plastic water jug and tennis shoes being hurled through the air.  However, when things calmed down, we talked about alternative ways of venting frustration and anger.  It's a lesson that kids have to learn.   Managing anger is a life skill to be practiced.  Don't let the anger be a cause for disastrous outcomes.

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