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Seeing the need for teen depression help can be challenging for parents.  Mood swings are normal occurrences for adolescents experiencing hormonal changes and growth spurts. You may witness your teen's mood change from happy to sad within the blink of an eye. And adolescent girls are two times more likely to experience some form of depression than males. 

Adolescents, who have low self-esteem, are highly self-critical, and who feel little sense of control over negative events are particularly in need of teen depression help when they experience stressful events. Peer pressure, family drama, school assignments and changing physical looks add to the stress levels. For some depressed teens, symptoms of irritability, aggression, and rage are more prominent Teen alcohol abuse can also be a sign of depression as adolescents often self-medicate with alcohol in order to ease their symptoms.

Here are two program choices for parents.  These programs offer online support, and different types of teen depression help for assisting the specific behavior challenges facing your child.

If you don't know whether your teen is suffering from depression or teenage stress, look for behavior "patterns".   Is your teen acting differently?  For how long?  Watch for any red flags such as prolonged personality changes that develop.  This is time for teen depression help.

Recommended Programs Choices:
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My Out of Control Teen Program. Hear what author, Mark Hutton from Madison County Youth Center has to say in his own words.  “The problem is that most parents of strong-willed, out of control teenagers have tried very hard to regain control -- but with little or no success."  Now this online version helps parents learn cut-to-the-chase parenting strategies that work immediately rather than months or years down the road. 

This program hosts four 90 minute online sessions to develop a set of highly effective parenting strategies to use with strong-willed, out-of-control unconventional children.  You can access all 4 sessions at anytime ...you can go at your own pace ...and there is no time limit.  Your child's behavior is never going to be perfect, but it can be a whole lot better than it is now. Mark guarantees it -- or your money back.

Indigo Ocean Dreams: 4 Children's Stories Designed to Decrease Stress, Anger and Anxiety while Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-A

Stress Free Kids.  Founder Lori Lite has created a line of books and CDs designed to help children, teens and adults decrease stress, anxiety & anger. In an effort to help her own family, Lori created stories that would entertain her children while introducing research-based relaxation and stress management techniques.

Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation-Guided Meditation/Relaxation Techniques decrease anxiety, stress, anger

The books and CDs use proven techniques of deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualizations, and positive statements. This unique storytelling format has been embraced by psychologists, doctors, child life care specialists, yoga instructors, teachers, counselors, parents, and most importantly… children.

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Fighting Invisible Tigers: Stress Management for Teens

In Fighting Invisible Tigers, teens learn how to manage the work they have to do, decrease stress and actually have time for "fun stuff". This guide helps teens to "see" their "invisible tigers", and makes it easier to deal with stress and other life issues such as teen depression. There are 3 sections:

  • Life in the Jungle, understanding stressors,
  • Self-Care for Tiger Bites, and
  • Life skills.

Self-Care for Tiger Bites is a section that's not found in many books.  This is when the teen feels overwhelmed and needs help immediately. It offers ways to cope with the stress teens feel right now, not just future stress.

Finding the teen depression help your child needs will be a terrific benefit for a more positive teenage experience. Try these resources listed above and determine which best suits your child’s needs.

If your teen is having difficulty with alcohol, parents need to be proactive.  There are many facilities available for treatment with privacy and expert professional care.  Such organizations are conveniently located and the rehabs in Arizona offer a wide variety of choices.

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