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When stress seem to get the best of me, I find that my mom’s tips for stress management are really the best life lessons I need.  With hectic schedules, we often exert a lot of energy just getting through the day.  Have you found that’s when your fuse is short, and you end up lashing out at others for no reason?  What I learned from my mother is that in life, being kind to yourself and others can go a long way to building a calmer and productive existence in this world.  Stress does not have to rule your life.  Her three tips for stress management have been an anchor through my lifetime, and by following these tips I have maintained a healthier perspective on dealing with challenging people and stressful situations.

Don't Be Ugly.

This is a southern US expression.  It means simply, don’t be rude.  To anyone.  Treat others with kindness and respect.  Smile more.  You will find that showing respect and listening to other’s points of view allows you to gain an understanding for what they may be experiencing.  If you’re rude, you will receive rudeness back.  That adds stress.  No one is perfect, so allow others the courtesy of respect and be nice to them regardless of the situation.  Don’t be ugly. 

Hurting others provides no positive benefits—yes, you may feel better for the moment if you were hurt first, but the pleasure will be fleeting.  These tips are about maintaining a healthy attitude as you deal with life adventures.  So don’t be ugly because no one is going to want to spend time with you if you are.

Build Time to Rest into Your Schedule.

My mom liked to get up early in the day and work hard to get her chores completed.  She liked to get the office work completed and then take a break—just to rest her mind, body and rejuvenate.  Quiet time by herself.  Her tips for stress management include building in bounce-back time after a stressful day.  It wasn’t easy raising kids and holding down a job.  Life was stressful with that balancing act. 

So, she always found a little corner of the day to rest, read a book, knit or write.  Just to re-energize.  It helped her prepare for what was next on the day’s agenda.  Being tired and worn down leads to making mistakes and losing your cool.  Frazzled minds and bodies lead to stress build-up.  You can’t eliminate your stress, but if you are better rested your ability to manage it improves.

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Read everyday.

My mom read every day—novels, newspapers, magazine articles.  She liked to keep up with what was going on in the world.  She liked to get lost in the latest mystery thriller.  Reading feeds the soul.  It broadens your perspective and continually provides you with more alternatives for solving life problems.  Her tips for stress management centered on building a positive attitude, respecting others and keeping up with what others were thinking about life in general.  Reading keeps you interesting to others.  It helps with conversations and helps you stay focused outward rather than inward on your own challenges.

Mom’s tips for stress management have provided me with simple reminders about how to live my life so that I can take care of myself and others around me.  Being nice to others…..staying rested to maintain a healthy presence of mind…..and keeping up with what others are doing in the world so I can help others in need.  Great lessons for a daughter to learn. Learning how to cope with stress that comes along and still keep my perspective.  Thanks, Mom.

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