8 Ways to Deal with Stress
Starting from the Inside Out

Learning ways to deal with stress effectively is particularly valuable for long term peace of mind. You may have personal life stressors, physical health issues or professional challenges at work.  Regardless, handling stress efficiently and productively is important for your long term survival in this world.

Identify the Root Causes.

It may be that your stress increases based on your scheduled activities and committments.   Once you notice the patterns you can change. Start by reviewing your daily schedule.  What events or situations trigger stressful feelings? Are they related to your children, family, health, financial decisions, work, relationships or something else?  If you are truly committed to finding ways to deal with stress, you start with an honest assessment of your current situation.

Understand How You Stress.

Everyone experiences stress differently, which is why you need to listen to what your body is telling you and take note of any physical symptoms you may have. Write notes in a journal to document when stress is occurring and if there are noticable patterns of your stress.  You will start to understand how you stress when you can compare how your thoughts or behaviors differ from times when you do not feel stressed.

Learn Your Unique Signals.

People handle stress in different ways. Finding it difficult to concentrate, or make quality decisions--getting angry from too much pressure--feeling overwhelmed--or even experiencing tension headaches--these are all signs that you are having difficulty dealing with stress.  By recognizing how you react to stress and what the triggers are that cause you to become stressed, you can design ways to deal with stress that address your specific symptoms.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of water; get plenty of rest and exercise. Build a daily schedule that allows for a comfortable participation in physical activities and also allows for socialization with friends.  It's good for both your physical and mental health. No matter how hectic life gets, build in  your own personal time to protect your own health and allow you to regroup your thoughts and rejuvenate your own energy levels.

Take a Break When You're Angry.

If you find a situation is making your blood boil--take a break.  Count to 10. Now you can look at the situation again--hopefully a little calmer and assess what your reaction should be. Often returning to a situation with a fresh perspective allows you to have a different attitude towards the triggers that were causing you anger. 

Watch Your Schedule.

Feeling that you don't have enough time often causes feelings of guilt, anxiety and tension.  Set your priorities and delegate when you can. These two ways to deal with stress are the cornerstone for using your time wisely. Have family members share in household responsibilities whenever possible.  Order out after a gruelling and busy day.  Don't take on more tasks than are necessary.  Using effective time management strategies provides beneficial ways to deal with stress as you become more productive.

Set Realistic Standards.

A lot of times, people who are trying to perform tasks with perfection end up becoming angry with themselves for not achieving unrealistic goals, or they procrastinate the work because they do not want to fail.  Either way, trying to be perfect is a sure way to build stress into the situation.

Learn to Rely on Friends.

Learning how to accept the support being offered from your friends and family members, when you need it, helps you manage your stress. When  stress becomes extreme, you may feel overwhelmed.  This is a good time to consult a professional who is trained to help you and protect you against indulging in any unhealthy behaviours.

How Do Women Handle Stress

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