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What I Do
I help professionals sort through life challenges and develop a manageable action plan to reach a goal.  Everyone's goal is different.  Some people want to excel at work, some want to create a calmer lifestyle, while others are searching for life purpose.  The real issue is that people get stuck because life distractions make it impossible to focus.  We will focus together, establish your priorities and develop a workable strategy to reach the destination goal waiting for you.

How I Work With You
I spend time to get to know you as a person, and we formally identify your goals and values. I am here to offer you ongoing support.  Most importantly, I am your cheerleader, confidant and objective observer.  I believe in you until you believe in yourself. 

You and I jointly choose the life goals you want to achieve.  We will first work to eliminate the negative stress barriers that are holding you back from success.  If you want to focus specifically on reducing life stress, start by visiting my Stress Management Expert website page.

Then, we design a customized strategy with which you are comfortable and address the ingredients that you believe need our attention: relationships, professional development, life transitions, kids-- whatever will help you progress toward your goal.

I support the part of you that needs to be heard.  Through my website and working directly with you, I will show you how my self-development approach provides a major, life-giving soulful change in your life. 

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Want to talk something out and get a sanity check?  Schedule one call and be on your way. Or use this opportunity to have me help you complete your wheel of life exercise!  Order the one hour telephone session using the button below and let me know what you would like to discuss regarding life balance or any other issue confronting you.

Thinking Partner to Build a Better You

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This program is designed to assist you in (1)organizing your life priorities, (2)establishing a set of SMART Goals for focus, and (3) strategizing how to accomplish these goals. The program includes three 45-minute telephone sessions. During these calls, we will develop a strategic plan to help you accomplish the following:

    I. Defining the chapter of your life in which you are now involved.
    II. Establishing priories for this time in your life.
    III. Develop a strategy for reaching your identified destination.

    My promise to you.

    • I help you evaluate where you are now in life and align it with where you want to be in the future.
    • You and I are partners.  We collaborate in a joint project, and that project is assisting the you!  There is mutual respect in order to achieve success.
    • I am not a therapist, focusing on healing past hurts.  Instead the I focus on the future and how we can get there.
    • I assist you in creating meaningful and realistic changes to create a brighter future.  I help you achieve goals that range from practical, action oriented to blue-sky dreams.

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