Job Stress Management
Helping with Mental Overload

Stress And Time Commitments.

There are times at work when you need job stress management strategies to solve the dilemma of trying to accomplish way more than your time and energy resources allow.  It's when your work schedule is bulging at the seams with appointments and project deadlines. It becomes impossible to think clearly with so many different demands requiring your immediate attention.  Your mind starts racing. One thought leads to another, and in no time at all you feel defeated—how can you possible accomplish everything on your plate?  You are experiencing mental overload.  What can you do when you want to run out of the office screaming in frustration?  Take a deep breath, and consider how you can clear your mind and get back to productive work.

Develop Clear Thinking Habits

The brain has a storage challenge handling increasing amounts of accumulating information.  Job stress management strategies include  ways of keeping track of daily demands, project deadlines, and appointments. It's difficult for your brain to sort the information and keep you focused on your current work task.  That is why in the middle of a project you start thinking of other stuff you could be doing or other looming deadlines.  Time to clear out overloaded data and think more clearly.

Give your brain a rest. Instead of storing all of the information inside your head, write it down in list form. Handling workplace stress can be streamlined with list building. Keep a “to do” list for each project, each major responsibility or even daily telephone calls. Get the data out of your head and onto paper. Keep a notebook or notepad handy to write down the stuff that pops into your head so you can post it on the appropriate project schedule.

Maintain Priorities

Your job is only one part of your life, so keep the work responsibilities and time demands in perspective.  When you consider ways to cope with office stress, consider your health, your time management skills and your co-worker relationships.  Try to protect yourself from allowing your work to be all consuming in your life.  Limit the work you take on and whenever you can, limit your time with co-workers who cause you stress.  Job stress management becomes easier if you set your priorities on life outside the office—priorities such as family and friends and the constructive use of your time during your hours away from work.

Be Nice to Yourself

Work related stress can affect your health and throw your life out of balance if you let it.  Take a few minutes every few hours just to regroup.  Get up from your desk, and walk around to get a glass of water and stretch.  Job stress management works best when you keep an objective perspective about your relationship to your job and where you fit in with the organization that employs you.  Does your boss make unreasonable demands?  Speak up when needed.  For effective stress management in the workplace, knowing your role within the organization is crucial.  All too often women find that their job responsibilities have expanded beyond what is feasible.  Do what you are capable of doing, but understand that there are times when you have to limit your involvement in working above and beyond.  You need to be nice to yourself and take care of your own well being.

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