Embrace Your Life Transition
& Dare to Dream

Shoot for the moon and land among the stars

Are You Experiencing A Life Transition?  Changes in life can be a time of excitement or a time of uncertainty.  Often, these transitions usher in a new chapter in your life.   With the start of a new life chapter, you have the opportunity to establish new goals or revise your current goals.  You can use past experiences to inform your future decisions. Embrace this time of transition and dare to dream.

A new chapter in your life can usher in a time of major upheaval. A change has occurred.  New job, new home, new life partnership, new baby, or empty nest. You may be constructing a new life after divorce

During a time of transition we have to learn all over again as the familiarity is replaced with the unknown.  There is uncertainty but also a chance to begin again and dream again.  Think positively and take the opportunity to use a life transition as a time of growth.

Find Your Starting Point?

Assess who you are now, by creating a list of your best skills and talents and the things you value most in life.  Write them down.  Then, write an autobiography highlighting the events in life that were significant. This is a great reference that documents the amount of talent and experience you have to offer as you create your new dream life! 

When writing your assessment, focus on three major items:  a brief timeline of your life experiences, who you are in your current life, and what life means to you.

  1. Start with a brief timeline, documenting your birth, living locations, schooling, careers, and family living situations.
  2.  Who you are in life.
    Describe the type of person you are.  Include facts about yourself such as: what types of jobs & responsibilities you have experienced—motherhood, professional career assignment, and volunteer activities.  Include the schooling you completed, specific skills you have acquired and your favorite interests. You may find it helpful to complete the Wheel of Life exercise to develop a visual picture of the way you prioritize your time.
  3.  What life means to you.
    How do you see life?  Are you content or unfulfilled?  Do you have a lot of friends or just a few?  How do you fill your days?  Are you in a relationship?  What are the important usages of your time?  How do you relax?

Dare to Dream!

When handling your life transition, you may think about which skills, talents, and abilities you can use to make things better.  While you have been pursuing certain goals and fulfilling responsibilities that your current life has dictated, your neglected talents have lain dormant.  Now, these neglected talents along with your dreams and desires reemerge. 

It's not too late to dream dreams, to envision a future that accepts reality, yet embraces potential.  If you are experiencing a life transition, now is the time to dream and consider the potential you want to achieve.  Now might be the time to start a new business, write a book, downsize and relocate, or train for a marathon.

Embracing change requires the courage to face your fears, change habits that perpetuate the life you have, and acknowledge the dreams you’ve kept suppressed.  Be aware of yours longing to do the things you have postponed in your earlier years. 

Review your written assessment and consider what parts of your life you would like to keep.  What should the next chapter of this assessment contain?  Write a new chapter outline that clearly depicts your life as you truly want it to be.  Keep it focused and positive.

Develop a Plan for Life's Next Chapter.

Passion is a key ingredient in making life changes and attaining your dreams.   But passion can not do it alone.  You have to channel the passion into a well defined game plan that is realistic to execute.  Review the page on creating SMART Goals to establish a realistic action plan.

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18.

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