Becoming a Mom Entrepreneur These Ladies are Great Examples

Choosing to be a mom entrepreneur?  These women have successfully launched careers--starting in their own homes--and followed their dreams.  All while maintaining their focus on raising their children.  Each has a different business model that has worked for them, but these examples can also be inspiring for you if you are considering this type of career.   The important factor in starting a business is that you use your passion and talents to fuel your vision.  Being an entrepreneur takes hard work and long hours, which is why you need to be doing what you love. In the end, you will be happier and less stressed.  

Meet Beth Caldwell

Beth Caldwell

Beth Caldwell is a nationally recognized author, publicist, motivator and business strategist.  She owns a public relations firm in Pittsburgh, PA where she specializes in working with business owners, organizations, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs.  Over the years, Beth has developed a unique, non-traditional and down-to-earth approach to publicizing businesses.  She has been able to grow the business as her family responsibilities allowed.  And along the way, she has won numerous community and business awards.

Her business success took time and Beth had to juggle career goals and raising a family.  Yet as a single mom, Beth has successfully navigated the challenging life of a mom entrepreneur while raising two, now young adult boys, the youngest of which is autistic. Visit her website,, and read her books to learn more about his amazing lady.  She is a great friend and each day, works to empower other women toward success. 

These three books that she has authored are great examples of sharing expertise. Each one, I Wish I'd Known That!Inspired Entrepreneurs: A Collection of Female Triumphs in Business and Life Empower: Women's Stories of Breakthrough, Discovery and Triumph includes stories of how women have succeeded to reach their dream even through challenges.

Meet Sheri Powell

Sheri Powell

As the mother of two young children, Sheri found herself on more than one occasion looking for ways to make a special treat for school snacks.  She needed snacks which were portable, non-messy and colorful. She started decorating pretzels and as she became more creative and decorating for different holidays she realized that this could turn into something fun—and profitable.  People were going Pretzel Crazy!  A business was born.

Parents, friends and local businesses began placing orders.  Sheri developed a kitchen in the bottom section of her house, started checking out bulk prices for supplies, had her son help with a web design, and found ways to package her products.  As a mom entrepreneur, she used the creative input of her two children to help with her creations.  It became a family affair!  Still today, Sheri custom designs her pretzel candies to meet the requests of her customers who hosting showers, school activities, family gatherings, or holiday parties. 

With the household now an empty nest, Sheri is looking for the next step with her business.  While the kids were home, she kept her business running with the same focus.  But now, she has the time to devote and the business experience behind her to take Pretzel Crazy to a new level.  Such a business is a creative way to blend a desire to take care of a family and enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit.  Visit her website, Pretzel, and see what you can do with a pretzel and creative imagination. 

Meet Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway is the Mom Biz Coach of Take Aim Coaching, LLC.   Her passion is helping moms in business make more money doing what they love while taking care of their priority #1: family. She  loves her family, loves her coaching profession, and loves having the best of both worlds. She offers coaching and consulting to women who are thinking about starting up their own businesses or who are already mom entrepreneurs, but need some refocusing to reach their goals.  You already know that working for yourself is probably the biggest step toward having what you want: more time with family and flexibility to be with your family when the members need you.  But how do your find a match between your lifestyle goals and the talents you possess?  Visit Lara at her website,,  to learn about the many ways she can help you with your business ideas.

Be a Successful Mom Entrepreneur, Working from Home

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