Recognizing Your Inner Fears

Recognizing your inner fears is all about coming face to face with what is holding you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams.  Usually your inner voice is your guide.  The one that has the self doubts and keeps saying you might fail.  It might also question your ability to achieve success. 

Everyone has heard that small whisper in her head, doubting her abilities.  When you confront your inner fears you are able to begin striving toward achieving your dreams again.  So let's identify those inner fears and deal with them. Here are examples of inner fears that you may be facing.

Afraid of Failing

It is natural to have some self doubts about whether you will succeed when you are starting a  new venture in life.  Starting a new job, building a new friendship or moving to a new location all have elements of stress.  Recognizing your inner fears starts by being objective about whether these fears are well founded or whether you are only imagining what might happen.

We all know that when embarking on any new venture, that risks are a part of the picture. It is good to be objective about identifying them. However, allowing a sabotaging voice to continually judge your progress will inevitably cause you to fail. Developing confidence in your own abilities is the best way to negate the criticism coming from inside your head.  Self-doubt is the true enemy that can foil any new venture.  Don't let it destroy your hopes and dreams.

Meeting Other People's Expectations

When embarking on your life goals and dreams, make certain that they are your goals and dreams--not someone else's.  You are most likely to succeed when you use your talents. If you are trying to accomplish something because someone else thinks it would be good for you, you may not have the motivation and abilities to be successful.  

Recognizing your inner fears, may mean that you have to confront the well wishers and let it be known you are carving your own path not theirs.  It is often wise to get outside advice when starting a new venture, but it is also best to set your own standards and establish your own personal goals that you are comfortable attaining.

Comparing Yourself to Those Around You

As you are recognizing your inner fears, you may start comparing how you are doing with how you think others around you are doing.  They may seem to have life under control with everything running smoothly.  Don't fall into this trap of comparisons.  Set your own goals and measure yourself according to how your are meeting these goals.

By recognizing your inner fears, you can begin to address your barriers.  It takes determination and discipline to begin changing a negative inner voice into a positive inner voice.  Whenever you start hearing negative comments. Stop and say to yourself, "Yes, I can do this."

Finding That Peaceful Balance

Recognizing your inner fears gives you an opportunity to change the outcome because you can identify the barrier to your success.  Something that you can deal with objectively. These fears are created in your mind!  Is there any truth to them in reality?  Only you can decide if the fear is a self-perpetuating myth that you have been embellishing in your mind.

Identifying your fears is a step toward combating the negative effects they can perpetuate in your life.  We all have skills, talents, and abilities that we can use successfully to achieve a purposeful and productive life.  Establish your life goals and use your natural strengths to achieve success.  Leave the inner fears behind.

How Do You Handle Change?

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