Relaxation Stress Management

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In this overwhelming whirlwind of life, relaxation stress management is an essential tool for repairing our worn-down mind and body.  It is not uncommon to find your body muscles tensing, or experiencing a tension headache at the end of a challenging day.  Your body is crying out for relief.  It needs to rest.  That is what this technique is all about.

You may not be able to eliminate your all of the stress in your life, but it is possible to manage it more effectively.  At this site, we describe many stress management strategies and show you how to cope with stress.  However to recover from stress you need to learn effective relaxation stress management techniques.

Relaxation is when you are calm and your brain is alert with no focus.  Relaxation is non-doing—creating deep physical rest and mental calm.  Coping skills help distract you from your anxiety and stress, but coping with stress does not regenerate your energy.  Such activities as reading a book or taking a nap only divert your attention away from the stressors.  Reading a book is not a relaxation technique because your brain is still engaged and focused on the printed page.  Sleeping is not a relaxation technique because when sleeping your brain is not in a controlled state of doing nothing and any bad dreams can cause additional stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Stress Management Tips

1.  Deep breathing

This relaxation technique allows the body to take in more oxygen as it slows down any rapid and shallow breathing that might be triggered when you experience stress.  Review the article, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques, to learn how to practice deep breathing.  When you are calm, your breathing slows and breathing becomes deep and regular.  Having a calm body influences your mind and makes for a more positive attitude and more focused attention.

2.  Meditation

Meditation allows the mind to slow down.  Have you ever tried to shut your brain off from thinking?  Pretty hard to do!  The mind is an endless stream of thoughts moving continuously like a stream of consciousness.  Meditation allows you to focus your attention elsewhere and give your mind a break from the worries, fears and stressors that may be consuming your thoughts.  To accompany meditation, one relaxation stress management technique that enhances the experience is the use of nature sounds.  You may find the soothing sounds help you stay focused on resting your brain and body and allowing an escape from the busy world in which you reside.

The Benefits 

  • These techniques will help you feel a sense of calm in a world that can be overwhelming.
  • These techniques help your body and mind rest and recover from the day’s stressors.
  • These techniques help you recover a sense of focus from the stressful life chaos you may be feeling.

Relaxation strategies can be enhanced with music and aromatherapy.  Relaxation techniques require practice to become proficient because these techniques take time to master before you can be good at them.  Then, you can enjoy the soothing quiet that you are experiencing.  You can employ relaxation stress management to handle any of the life stressors that develop in your life, and you can find that the relaxation techniques you enjoy will become familiar and useful friends in any stressful situation.

Visit the Guided Meditation Site to learn about using meditation for relaxation. You don't need to practice any special techniques, you don't need to sit in a special position, and you don't need to go to any classes. All you need is a place to sit quietly, while you close your eyes and listen.

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