Maintain a Positive Attitude
to Create a Fulfilled Life

positive attitude

How are you handling the stress in your life?  If you maintain a positive attitude, you will find that stress doesn't seem to have as  much of a hold you.  We realize that stress can  produce negative emotions, and be detrimental to our lives, but that can be reversed by staying positive.

Many of our readers who visit this site are trying to lower their anxiety and stress, so that they can more freely enjoy their life experiences.  Attitude is important in combatting stress.  Here are strategies to produce a positive attitude while you feel better about yourself and the life you live.

Enjoy Now.

The present, or Now, is the only time you actually experience.  The past is history and the future has yet to occur.  What you feel, you feel "now."  In the present.  So be conscious of the present time and what is happening to you now.

Slow down.

Slow down and enjoy the nature around you. Notice the weather of the day. Notice the small details in life. Return to those days when you were awed by the wonderment of even the smallest of the world's creatures.

Be grateful.

Everyday, when you awaken, you have things in your life that you can be thankful for. Your health. Family. Friends. Accomplishments. The beautiful nature around you. The roof over your head. Food. Even challenges that lie before you that will make you stretch and grow. Be grateful for your blessings everyday.

Keep learning.

Learn something new everyday. Life is a journey in which we can continue to construct new meaning as we encounter new experiences. What did you learn today that you did not know yesterday?

Celebrate more.

Experiences should be savored.  Take time to contemplate what the meaning of these experiences represents in your life. Celebrate the small stuff that is going well each day.  Celebrate accomplishments.  Celebrate new things you have learned.

 It is easy to get overscheduled with appointments and find yourself shuffling family members to different activities, and juggling home responsibilities with work. Stop. Review your life balance to identify how you are devoting time for work, relationships, relaxation and fun.

You can complete the Wheel of Life exercise to see how you divide your time and address the many responsibilities your have.  Using your time wisely allows you to make time for the priorities in your life. Enjoy the people with whom you share time and simplify your life of hassles that hinder your ability to enjoy the richness and abundance of life.

Stress-free Living Starts with a Positive Attitude

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