Stress Management at Work
Can Be Magical

Stress management at work is an ongoing challenge for many professionals who find themselves buried in a mountain of demands, deadlines, and deliverables.  Are you one of these individuals, who wakes up in the morning, dreading what the day has in store?  Does your time at your job leave you feeling stressed-out, over-worked, and run down?  At the end of the work day are you mentally exhausted and physically drained?  Here are some suggestions to turn your world upside down and lower the stress while you raise the motivation.

What is Workplace Stress?

workplace stress

Almost everyone experiences some amount of stress in the workplace.  And while some stress can provide an incentive to work with more focus and with greater productivity, there are times when the pressures of your work can become downright overwhelming.  The tipping point for feeling the tension and anxiety of stress comes when you start to experience a loss of control.  When you begin to think that there is nothing you can do to relieve the pressures, you are succumbing to the negative effects of workplace stress

Are there times when your work goals seem unattainable and out of reach?  Do you feel like giving up?  Ever thought to yourself, “Why bother?”  When your work environment is like this, your motivation level is probably pretty low!  But it doesn’t have to be.  Stress management at work can actually provide some very positive and inspiring results.  Almost magical.

Positive Stress Management at Work

Be Proactive

Stress is a barrier.  It produces a sense of tension and makes you feel that life is more difficult than it needs to be.  But if you focus on future possibilities rather than what can go wrong, you find that you can shift your attitude.  Shift from anxiety to the feeling of excitement.  You can accomplish your tasks by taking one step at a time.  Being thankful for your benefits in life can help you stay proactive and believing in yourself.  Each day, think of one thing that you can do at work that can improve your work and/or life situation—just one thing you can accomplish to make things a little better.  Do that each day and see where you end in a week, month and year.  Let stress be an incentive to get things done.

Be Realistic

Take action to strive toward well established goals.  Be realistic with 
SMART Goals that are doable in a comfortable time frame.  Trying to accomplish an unrealistic amount of work in an unrealistic time frame causes stress, tension and frustration.  Stress management at work requires a bit of honesty.  Obviously, performing your work well with quality results is essential, so creating goals for your work that establishes a work plan you can follow with confidence. Then, you can stay focused on your present situation without worrying about what might happen in the future if the work process goes awry.

Be a Team Player

Be part of a team.  Learn from others and share insights.  It is always more enjoyable to share your success with others and to garner support when you need a boost.  Working together makes achieving goals more of an organizational accomplishment and builds morale and camaraderie.  Stress management at work can become more of a motivational tool for everyone when there is a team effort to achieve shared goals.  Such a feeling even helps you remember why you entered your particular profession.

Handling Workplace Stress

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