Teen Stress Reducing Tips
that Really Work

Here are teen stress reducing tips that can help when expectations are high and your stressed teenager feels overwhelmed.  They feel so much pressure from school, peers and family responsibilities.  Knowing how to stay calm and practicing stress management strategies can provide your teen with confidence in handling challenging situations when they arise.  Learning to incorporate healthy daily habits can provide a remarkable amount of stress lowering benefits.

Try these teen stress reducing tips:

Create effective time management strategies

If you find that your teen's schedule becomes overcommitted, start to re-evaluate priorities and eliminate things that are not essential.

Maintain healthy habits.

This includes including good nutrition for energy and adequate amounts of physical exercise to relieve stress build-up.

Get enough sleep.

Your teen's biological clock shifts so that she may feel she has more energy at night and is slower to become alert in the mornings, but don't let staying up late become a habit that robs necessary sleeping hours. Even if there is a need to complete an assignment late into the evening, schedule recuperation time to follow.

Be realistic.

Teen stress often increases when your teen puts too much pressure on herself to excel at everything in which she participates.  Lower expectations so that your teen does not become anxious trying to please everyone.  Identify strengths that your teen possesses and assist her in areas that need to improve.  Identifying her unique abilitiesis one of the most effective teen stress reducing tips we have found. 

Become an effective problem solver.

Practicing effective problem solving skills helps with teen stress.  If your teen develops skills to calmly look at a problem and figure out how to create a solution, then she will  have a sense of control over the situation.  This builds self confidence that will become a lifelong benefit in dealing with future stressful situations.

Talk it over.

Things never seem as bleak when you get another perspective and parents can help in this way.  Carving out time to talk with your teen regularly about how life is going, opens the door to useful conversations.  Being their to support, not judge, your teen will most likely allow opportunities to lower stress before things become overwhelming.

If your teen can put some of these teen stress reducing tips into practice, then the emotional anxieties are likely to subside.  Your teenager will become more comfortable handling the hectic life situations we often find ourselves navigating through.  Learning how to deal with stress is an important life lesson for everyone to learn, including our teenagers.

How to Guard Against Teen Stress Overload.

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Helping with Your Teen's Stress

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