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My name is Dr. Ann Gatty and I am your host and website author.  It is truly a pleasure sharing information with you at this website.  From previous consulting, I have collected lots of strategies to help women navigate through the many bumpy and winding turns that daily life brings.  

As your website author I provide useful information and on-line coaching opportunities to address the unique aspects of women's lives.  Here we strive to peel away stress barriers and uncover  inner passions and purpose. Also, I am an avid dog lover and have dogs that share my home.  You will often see them gracing pages with encouraging words or "actions" of wisdom!!

I Offer On-line Coaching

From my years of experience as a teacher, personal consultant, and business mentor, I have found that time management and stress issues and are always at the core of my discussions with my female clients.  One of my passions is assisting women balance their work and personal lives as they navigate through life transitions. From my experiences, I have become a stress management expert helping individuals identify their life stressors and employ stress management strategies that help them lead more healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.

People, as they move through stages of their lives, find themselves re-evaluating both their career and life options.  During these transition times, they often discover that they really want to make meaningful changes.  As a Coach, I am available to work with you face to face and at my website to motivate you, help you clarify your dreams and set up well defined strategies to help you make transitions and achieve your goals.  Working together, we will take your personal or professional projects to completion. Check out my coaching opportunities and see how I can work best with you!

Newly Published Book -Just for You!
I authored the chapter on Creating a Stress-Free Career Journey in 101 Ways to Enhance Your Career. Joining with over 100 experts, the book will encourage, inspire and guide you on your path to procure, maintain and actualize your career objectives. From strategies, to anecdotes, the book is a must-read and insightful companion as you journey across today's unpredictable career terrain. Click the banner link to purchase your copy.

I Continue to Write

 I have been writing e-books that are published on this site for your reference.  You can visit my e-book author page and learn more about the Reframe Your Life Series.  The books have been written with you in mind.   

There is a ton of information about stress management that seems very "clinical."   But at this website, I offer a more conversational approach that allows women to share their life improvement strategies with others.  But I am not a psychologist nor a mental health counselor.   And, this website is not meant to replace clinical advice.  If the stress you are experiencing is more severe than what I describe in these webpages, you should seek professional counseling.  The advice I offer is based on the interactions I have had during my consulting experiences.

Please check back, as I continue to update this website with more resource information about managing life's stress and living a more purposeful and fulfilling life.  If you have suggestions about articles that we should include at this site, please contact me in the box below.  I hope you find Stress-Managment-4-Women.com helpful and look forward to hearing from you often  in the future.

Thanks again,
Ann Gatty

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